“Apple’s TV efforts have undergone several plot twists in recent years, but its latest strategy finally appears close to being ready for prime time,” Buster Coen writes for TheStreet. “According to a recent report from Recode, Apple has focused on developing a TV guide that will allow users to navigate programming more easily via the Apple TV user interface. The company would reportedly explore the possibility of a single sign-in for the many services that a user may be subscribed to, such as Netflix and Time Warner’s (TWX) HBO GO.”

“This news comes off of The Wall Street Journal‘s recent report that Apple was exploring the possibility of developing a skinny bundle last year, before tabling the idea because of failed negotiations,” Coen writes. “The idea was promising, but the Journal reports that Apple executives were too cocky in the negotiating process, remaining stubborn about their pricing and bluffing network executives into thinking that Apple had already made deals with other networks. As a result, Apple was unable to pull together the skinny bundle that it wanted.”

“However, the company still recognizes the need for innovation in the TV sector to boost flagging sales — hence the TV guide,” Coen writes. “The proposed TV guide will certainly make it easier for users to find their desired content, but whether it will be enough to compel people to go out and replace their current set-top box with Apple TV is another story.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Content discovery is one of the most vexing problems with “TV” today.

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