“TiVo today is announcing the release of its TiVo Roamio OTA DVR, a $49.99 device that will give customers who don’t have cable or satellite service,” Ryan Lawler reports for TechCrunch. “Instead, they will be able to connect the DVR up to an antenna to record shows broadcast on channels available through over-the-air digital signals.”

“The Roamio OTA has 500 GB of storage capacity, which holds up to 75 hours of HD programming. It also has four tuners to allow customers to record multiple programs at once, while also being able to tune in live to one channel,” Lawler reports. “The device is also compatible with the company’s TiVo Stream device for streaming live and pre-recorded videos on other devices.”

Lawler reports, “For access to TiVo’s channel guide, personalization, and other features, customers need to pay $14.99 per month and commit to a one-year service agreement.”

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