Apple still mulling over its plans for India retail stores

“India may have paved the way for Apple Inc. to open stores in the country, but a senior government official says the company hasn’t submitted any detailed plans yet — likely because of local-sourcing rules,” Rajesh Roy and Newley Purnell report for The Wall Street Journal.

“India’s government in June loosened foreign-direct investment restrictions in several sectors,” Ray and Purnell report. “But since June, “we haven’t heard” anything about Apple’s plans, said a senior government official, declining to be identified.”

“That may be because the three-year grace period is actually a tighter restriction than an earlier government proposal, which would have lifted the requirements entirely,” Ray and Purnell report. “Last month, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said India was one of the fastest growing markets for the company, and Apple is ‘looking forward to opening retail stores in India down the road.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple in India will be just fine.

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