Samsung’s patent application for smartwatch straps includes drawings of the Apple Watch

“Samsung Gear came to market in 2013 and it offered a camera and speaker built right into its one and only band and clasp design,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “After Apple introduced the Apple Watch with multiple band options and its quick and easy install mechanism for changing the bands, Samsung set out to copy that idea as quickly as they possibly could.”

“In a patent application that surfaced [Thursday] at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office titled ‘Wearable Device,’ they discuss their new ‘exchangeable’ strap mechanisms,” Purcher reports. “What struck me was that a great number of their form factor patent figures were actually Apple Watch designs showing that indeed they set out to copy Apple’s design – even if they changed the method enough not to get sued.”

Purcher reports, “The Samsung patent, first discovered by Patently Apple, presents patent figures 10a – 10c and 11a – 11f that are clearly Apple Watch designs with its classic backside charging mechanism that Samsung doesn’t incorporate and various Apple band styles. Nowhere in the patent do they reference the designs as being from Apple.”

Samsung patent application contains sketches  (left) which look just like Apple's promotional images for  Apple Watch (right)
Samsung patent application contains sketches (left) which look just like Apple’s promotional images for Apple Watch (right)

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MacDailyNews Take: Thieves.

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  1. Yes, totally unreal. Thanks again, Judge Lucy H. Koh, for helping to draw a clear line in the sand to protect American innovation and business interests in the face of corrupt, morally bankrupt, pirates and thieves. (NOT!) This will forever be your legacy. You were not just a little bit off. You totally blew it.

    1. Samsung vacuum cleaners used to look like Hoover or Electrolux vacuum cleaners before Dyson started being so successful with their unique design. By an amazing co-incidence, Samsung’s cleaners suddenly started looking like Dyson’s cleaners.

  2. Asians & sellout ScamSung Americans have NO morals OR ethics when it comes to technology theft. Sad part? This patent will be approved due to bribes & backdoor deals with the
    U.S. Judicial Corruption System.

    Where is the DOJ on this blatant & WILLFUL AAPL IP infringement? NOWHERE to be found. They are on vacation spending SamScum’s bribery checks.

    It will only get worse people. Asia OWNS America. Sad but true.

    Patriotic Americas better wake up real soon or America as we knew it will no longer exist.

    Put the revolver emoji back Apple. Steve Jobs would NEVER have tolerated such spinelessness from his beloved company.

    You whinny Asian & American sellout SamScum Dolts have No Fckin’ CLUE about the history of Apple Computer Inc. & how real innovation blossoms.

    GTFO of my country. Go plague the countries from which you came.

    GOD Bless America and its ORIGINAL INNOVATORS.

    What part of WILLFUL IP Infringement don’t you understand? Hint: BLATANT IP THEFT. This latest SamScum filing is PROOF.$$%5D-apple-wins-famed.html

    1. You have to know that when you start your argument in such a way you eliminate your argument at the same time.

      How anyone, anywhere, has ever let you finished anything blows my mind. Move along troll.

  3. The Samsung copying machine continues unabated or properly financially chastised, falling all over itself in shameless and blatant ineptitude – not even bothering now to try to cover up their obvious tracks! I’d call that pretty lazy & contemptuous.

  4. The way the patent office works now is to approve things and let companies fight it out in court .
    They simply don’t have the funds to pay for all the clerks required to do all the necessary research.

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