Hey Apple, iPad Pro is much more than a computer

“I think Apple may be missing something quite important,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must.

“You see, in its recent ‘iPad Pro: What’s a computer?’ ad it seems to focus on iPad Pro as a replacement for the computer, but doesn’t answer the much more important question it tucks away at the end of the ad, where it asks, ‘What else can it do?'” Evans writes. “Apple seems to be attempting to evangelize use of the iPad Pro as a computer replacement. I get that, I think iPad Pro is great for most of the things we use computers for, but I see it as a different animal. Sure, there’s some overlap, but it has its own unique identity and purpose that need to be defined.”

“The risk is that by claiming it is nothing more than a PC replacement,” Evans writes, “Apple is both over-promising and under-selling the tablet.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, the first ad is a setup that will result in a campaign that clearly explains what else iPad Pro can do.

Apple debuts new iPad Pro TV ad: ‘What’s a Computer?’ – August 1, 2016


    1. Yes, thank you for saying that. Ppl just do not get that when you do software development and/or scientific computing you need a real microcomputer. Not an almost. Don’t get me wrong I have an iPad. And it is a great information reading tool. But when I start programming I pull out some flavor of the MB. Why? Because I do not always program in Apple blessed languages. Sometimes I do some TkInter or I need to get a script ready. That simple.

  1. Thinking it was all I would need, I took my iPad on a recent 15-day trip across Europe. On the first night in my hotel, I realized the mistake I had made – the iPad is NOT a replacement for real computers like my MacBook Air. But, Tim Cook’s company keeps trying to tell us it is because he has converted the once-great Apple Inc. into a gadgets company. Yes, I own all the gadgets but all of them together doesn’t equal one real computer. What a shame to have left behind those who once cherished Apple’s commitment to an excellent, it just works, line up of the best computers in the world. What a pathetic outcome under the incompetent leadership of a failed CEO.

      1. The iPad Pro has its uses — replacing a Mac will never be one of them.

        The ad might as well be about a Microsoft Surface Pro, because from a computing standpoint, no iPad is measurably better than a Surface. Both sacrifice performance for portability. But Apple’s also hobbled iOS. Face it, iOS will never be an acceptable alternative for a true OS like the Mac that can work in a multiplatform world and work with multiple files in multiple programs.

        The more Apple pushes the BS that an ultraportable can replace a real powerhouse compuer, the more they validate what Microsoft has done with the Surface line. Stupid. UPDATE THE MACS, COOK!!!!!!!

    1. It depends on what you’re doing on your road trips. Ever since the days of my PowerBook 1400, I used Apple laptops on road trips, but for the last several years I’ve been using iPads and find that they are much better suited for my purposes on road trips.

      My next road trip is in just over a fortnight, flying ( from England ) to Canada and then through eastern Canada and New England. It will be iPad and iPhone all the way for us. The iPad is so light that I’m completely unaware of it’s weight … most likely because my wife always insists on carrying it in her bag 🙂

  2. I really think that Apple should have a different development team and different developement curve and direction for the iPad Pro models and up and coming new standard and larger iPad models that maybe surfacing toward year’s end.
    If Apple want the iPad Pro line to be taken more seriously as a laptop replacement device OR, at the very least, a lesser laptop/MacBook “alternative”, Apple needs to push these premium Pro iPads in a different iOS direction than that of the iPhone.
    Things in iOS for the iPhone are great for the iPhone, but not so much, to not at all, on a tablet device, like the iPad.

    I went to the Windows Surface Pro site and I couldn’t believe all of the hardware customisations you can get!
    This is what Apple SHOULD be doing, not Microsoft.
    For iPads to get more “Pro” and less “big iPad” they need to get more hardware options built in instead of using “kludgy” and “ridiculously” priced adapters!
    Give the iPad user base functionalities more tailored toward the tablet environment and less like the phone environment!
    Give the iPad more than one lightning/USB-C grade port, give users a way to more cheaply expand Flash memory storage in our iPhones and iPads, instead of having to purchase and brand new unit with larger storage capacities.

    1. I would be happier if Apple just stopped pretending iOS was a complete computer OS and instead got busy updating its Macs.

      First step: change the door lock at the office and don’t give Jony Ive a key. Force Apple hardware developers to do some serious market research for once.

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