Apple paid 865 Japanese suppliers more than $30 billion in 2015

“Apple revealed Tuesday that it paid Japanese suppliers more than $30 billion in 2015, highlighting its economic contributions to the country in an effort to drum up support in tough times,” Nikkei reports.

“Some 865 Japanese companies furnished Apple with parts, materials and services during the year, the company’s Japanese unit reported,” Nikkei reports. “Apple Japan currently employs 2,900 people, and claims to have created or helped create hundreds of thousands of jobs.”

“Roughly 532,000 developers in Japan worked on software for Apple hardware last year, with over 80% handling applications for iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets. These developers received $9.6 billion for their efforts in 2015,” Nikkei reports. “Detailing its involvement in Japan, something Apple has previously done only in the U.S. and Europe, is seen as a bid to retain support from business partners and the public.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Clearly, Apple Inc. is of huge benefit to the Japanese economy.

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