Apple unveils over 100 new ‘gender diverse’ emojis, including rainbow flag for LGBT pride

“Apple unveiled over 100 new ‘gender diverse’ emojis Monday, but there’s one in particular that stands out for us,” Curtis M. Wong reports for The Huffington Post.

“A rainbow flag emoji for LGBT pride will be featured as part of Apple’s iOS 10 operating software, which will debut this fall,” Wong reports. “The flag joins a lineup that includes more female athletes and professionals as well as images for single-parent families. Meanwhile, a revolver firearm will be replaced with a colorful water pistol.”

“The company is working ‘closely with the Unicode Consortium to ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere,’ officials said in a statement on Apple’s website,” Wong reports. “The pride-themed update is particularly fitting as Apple has been outspoken in its support for the LGBT community for some time.”

This rainbow flag is one of 100 new or redesigned emojis that will debut this fall in Apple's iOS 10.
This rainbow flag is one of 100 new or redesigned emojis that will debut this fall in Apple’s iOS 10.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s statement on the new emoji in iOS 10 and some examples are here.

Apple removes handgun emoji, replaces it with a squirt gun – August 1, 2016


      1. I believe it. My wife is a prison guard in the pedophile wing of the state prison, and she says all of your cellmates agree that Apple is gay, too.

        So, from pedos like you on up, it’s unanimous that Tim Cook’s Apple is so very gay.

        1. Sorry but I think you have me confused with your brother. Tough break how he took the fall for you.

          As for gay, hells yes. I can think of no stronger affirmation. Gay is articulate and strong, long-suffering and focused on integrity and honest loving conduct among equals. They probably won’t bring back the rainbow Apple, but they could.

          As for “real man” I’m not sure you have a clue. But if there’s such a thing as “fake man” I have to imagine he would present much like you. Arrogant. Rude. Pre-judging. Self-serving. Without perspective. Without compassion. Attacking without cause.

          Perhaps some real loving might do you some good?

  1. I wonder if this will somehow turn into a Trump controversy.

    I can see the headlines now.

    “Is Trump Really Onboard with New Emojis? The Answer Will Shock You.”

    “Trump Condemned By Emoji Activists”

    1. After proclaiming “blood will run in the streets” if Trump doesn’t win the election, Trump and his comrades demanded that Apple create a flag, which accurately represents their views:

      This made a baby cry, but instead of consoling it, he kicked it out of sight.

  2. I personally don’t understand why emojis are news- do we really need more- or Pokemon, for example. Then again, I don’t relate to pop culture, reality shows, etc. in general. Too many people with their heads in their phones, each others selfies, and up their own butts.

  3. Does this mean we will get emojis of men with breasts and women sporting beards and Adam’s Apples…?
    That would be very inclusive in my opinion. No reason to leave these people out. Unless they they just don’t matter to Timmy Boy.

  4. The 100 person team completes a one year project to design gender diverse emojis and celebrates with champagne and caviar.

    While the two person team designing the new Mac Pro toils in obscurity, feed only stale potato chips.

  5. Seriously, my fear is that naive children will use the rainbow flag just because they think it’s pretty and end up having to cope with the social consequences of a gross misunderstanding.

    1. Omg, really? It’s you that has the gross misunderstanding. United we stand, divided we fail. I hope you don’t actually have any offspring to infect with your “social consequences”.



    2. Goodness. Tough crowd here. But kids can certainly be cruel. And I remember when I was a grade school kid how a few classmates would verbally abuse others with “You f_gg_t!”

      Somewhat naive at the time myself, when I used an off-color sexual word not fully appreciating what it meant, the reaction from my peers was not pleasant.

      Now Apple wants to embed into iOS symbols that bring to mind various kinds of sexual behavior?

      I am not convinced that the consequences for little children and their parents has been thought through adequately.

  6. The majority of queers I know only have pride in themselves if others continuously condone and praise their behaviors. It is as if they require external support and admiration to feel vindication. If someone doesn’t ingratiate and flatter them they become obsessively angry, spiteful, vindictive, and vicious – hardly the emotions of self-assured and dignified personalities.

  7. Who cares if another set of emojis are made available. Apple has always wanted those outside “the norm” to identify with Apple. Put another way, Apple wants those that see themselves as exceptional to be Apple customers. It’s a little thing, and certainly not worth getting worked up over.

    What disturbs me is the pandering to identity politics, which I find destructive, not constructive. Maybe if Apple was not SO behind in Mac development the faithful would go so postal on the news of an emoji release.

    1. Thus, despite certain protestations to the contrary, symbols do matter, are deeply felt, and are both feared and embraced as agents of social control. Everybody gets worked up over symbols. The swastika, the Confederate flag, emoji, even English spelling: everyone comes out of the woodwork to contest or defend these emblems of identity.

      Personally I am in favour of emoji representing the AK-47, the Bazooka, and the hand grenade. But I am not surprised at opposition to these suggestions and don’t insist on their constitutional or moral basis. There are, after all, better things to do with one’s time.

  8. I am so tired of Apple shoving political correctness down our throats.

    If Apple wants to make a statement let them pull out of the entire middle east and some far east countries where homosexuals are jailed and/or thrown off buildings.

    Let Apple put up or STFU.

    Apple needs to focus on getting products out the door that their customers need. Not 3 year old pro machines or overpriced imacs and ipads.

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