1. Anyone remember Quicktime VR?
    Virtual reality, you’d be able to walk through 3D buildings on your computer. I checked it out, an art museum had a tour.

    Bring it on.

  2. Don’t shoot me, but does anyone else go online shopping for supermarket delivery? It’s a horrible and time consuming process, isn’t it? (It gets easier as they learn more about you, I guess). But wouldn’t it be much easier to just put your Apple Headset on an wander round virtual shelves, just grabbing what you want and sticking it into your basket? That’s probably not as sexy as pokemon, but got to be a probability really.

    1. It depends on the store and stuff, but I was hoping that Quicktime VR would do that right on a regular computer.

      It goes back to the operating system concept, the interface.
      1. CLI: Command Line interface.
      2. GUI: Graphic user interface. This is basically what we have still. It’s flat, on the computer system it’s still a “desktop” idea. Well desktops are flat.
      3. OUI: Object user interface. This is still a dormant idea, I hope Apple gets it sooner or later.

      It’s ironic that applications like Apple or Google maps can map the world and streets, but on one has done the same for their stores. Going in a 3D virtual expression of the store, or access the cameras that could be installed for live time views and selection.

      Nope most of the on line shopping I’ve done or seen is flat… fill in the form that’s on the desktop. It shows a lack of 3D thinking.

  3. “Add great camera technologies and superior displays and you can see why Pokémon GO players have become addicted to iOS.”

    Actually, the reverse is true. Those people were already using iOS. Then they started playing PGo. iOS does not need PGo to be useful and addictive.

    1. Comparing Apple’s current AR tech in use by consumers with that offered by Google and Microsoft, anything Apple comes out with will appear to be ‘copying’, at least initially.

  4. It’s nothing new for other manufacturers to get to market in some form before Apple gets to market with their refined product.

    There were plenty of MP3 players before iPods, but the iPod became so ubiquitous that it was adopted as the generic name for other MP3 players. Similarly there were plenty of smartphones before the iPhone, but while the iPhone was generally derided for being different to all those previous smartphones ( which used keyboards ). It only took a very short time for all smartphones to look and function like an Apple iPhone.

    Others might do it quicker, but Apple does it right.

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