Analyst downgrades Apple, says company has ‘peaked under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook’

“With Apple Inc’s earnings report just a day away, Wall Street analysts are more at odds than ever, and one of them in particular anticipates tough times for the tech giant,” Julie Verhage and Beth Mellor report for Bloomberg.

“‘Our opinion [is] that Apple has peaked under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook,’ Colin Gillis of BGC Financial L.P. said in a note this week,” Verhage and Mellor report. “‘Our view that that there is risk that the upgrade rate for the next iPhone may slow even more than the upgrade rate cycle of 6s, which has been materially lower than the upgrade rate of the iPhone 6 as per the company,’ [Gillis wrote.]”

Verhage and Mellor report, “Gillis went on to downgrade the stock to ‘sell’ and lower his price target by 23 percent to $85.”

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    1. Obviously, Wall Street dislikes Tim Cook, until TC replaced then Apple would be a bright shine Apple. Until then investors in a waiting games.😳😖

    1. As soon as those two magic words “Tim Cook” in the MDN headline appear Junior Troll Society members like Frank, Mac and Mike you can be sure will appear scribbling yet more unnecessary, poorly analyzed or childish homophobe vitriol. I wish the parents of you lunkheads could see the BS you write and grab you painfully by the tips of your ears and shuffle you off to administer the usual soap in mouth or repeated lash of a good switch on your backsides that you so sorely & richly need.

  1. Fanboys will complain about anyone and anything who doesn’t support their narrative. So let’s ignore the words and just look at the results, long and short term.

    Rate of return:

    6 mo.: AAPL = +4.2%; NASDAQ = +14.1.%
    1 year: AAPL = -20.7%; NASDAQ = +1.2%
    2 year: AAPL = -1.7%; NASDAQ = +14.7%
    5 year: AAPL = +82.4%; NASDAQ = +101.3%

    10 year (going back to when Jobs was still involved)
    AAPL = +904.2%; NASDAQ = +133.4%

    Face it, Apple under Cook has been coasting. Many products are stale or underperforming or overpriced. Cook’s social agenda is packed, he blows millions on airheaded executives, he snaps up fashion headphone companies and he plays stock buyback games that have done nothing to improve the company.

    Hey Cook: Great artists ship. Go back to the little leagues, the NASDAQ competitors have easily outperformed AAPL every second of the time you have been CEO. It’s time to bring in real leadership.

    1. Well thats somewhat of a selective presentation of facts..
      Here is another selective look :
      2011 to 2013 period it out performed nasdaq by average of aprox 60%

      Mid 2014 to end of 2016 it outperformed nasdaq by an average of 40%.

      Since Tim becoming CEO in 2011 outperformed nasdaqe by aprox 40%

      It all a question of how one has played the market.

      Though Recently it hasn’t been that good… And to me the answer is not Tim’s incompetance… Its the 2014/15 spike year due to introduction of large formfactor of iphone 6 .. And confusion it has created in the compare .

      Imo.. Looking back in 2018 you will see a much nicer picture!

        1. If you choose a narrow enough category, every company can be made to look good.

          According to, Apples ROI is #15 within its sector and #207 in the Fortune 500.

          For the Q2 2016, Apple’s income has continued to fall, presumably due to lack of new hardware to offer.

          The only thing that’s going to change Wall Street’s perception of Apple is if Apple gets off its butt and releases exciting new stuff like they used to.

    2. Interesting numbers, but wrong.

      10 years ago AAPL closed at 8.84. That puts yield based solely on price well over 1000%. Now add in dividends and distributions and the return climbs. You may know tech, but finance isn’t your calling. Your link leads nowhere which is fine since I don’t think you know how to interpret what you were looking at.

      1. I don’t believe your numbers are correct either. ROI isn’t improved by stock splits, and “yield based solely on price” isn’t how it’s calculated either.

        If you just want a rough valuation, anyone can see that AAPL peaked in May 2015. The stock price today is roughly equivalent to the local high from August 2012. What exactly do you think would break the downward stock trend?

        Continued iOS success built up for several years, but seems to have run out of steam. Apple has done nothing on the MAC front and it’s fair to say that its me-too online services haven’t paid for themselves, maybe never will. Apple now has to show something new and exciting or Wall Street will continue to seek growth elsewhere. You can’t blame analysts for having negative views when Apple doesn’t announce any new money makers and its own guidance shows declining sales and profitability pretty much across the board. As everyone with eyes can see, Apple’s offerings are all stale. Even MDN has to fill its blog with RNC-sponsored political articles, rumors of vaporware like cars, and thinly veiled advertisements for Pokemon and Apple Watches. All because there’s nothing new from Apple that is interesting enough to discuss.

        What a sad year for Apple. Make a move, Tim.

        1. Certainly your one note Anti-Cook vitriol is anything but inspired, just tired and repetitious. Making points is one thing, running them into the ground is another, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from your juvenile troll behavior.

          Obviously you aren’t paying attention (yet as always feel qualified to runoff at the mouth) as I don’t hesitate to criticize should it be warranted like everyone else here, unlike transparent knee jerk agenda driven fools like you who routinely go for the jugular, instantly lose all credibility. Move on, you’ve made your points ad nauseum. And nobody cares. Try and post civilly though I know it goes against your essential assholic troll sociopathic nature.

        2. and your pro-Cook attacks at everyone who expects Apple to perform at their previous level of excellence you label a troll and personally attack. Who is the assholic troll here? Takes one to know one, apparently.

        3. Listen junior, your style is one of a 10 year old. Rather than be ashamed and come to the table like an adult and express your views without the nonsensical character assassination insults you persist in infantile attacks. You can be critical of someone but it better have some intelligent substance and not just a litany of mindless insults only a preteen could love. Act like an adult and you’ll be treated like one.

  2. “Coattails Cook”.

    I Do not say that in a derogatory manner. It is simply the position he inherited. It would have been true for anyone in his position.

    You would have to be a complete retard to screw up the position that he inherited.

    (For all you “PC” people, “Retards” can help it, where as disabled people cannot…zero offence to disabled folks intended.)

    Spin away fan boys.

  3. I don’t know if Apple has peaked under Cook’s leadership but the Mac certaily has. Absolutely disgusting that the only “new” mac released in the last 12 months was a spec bump to last year’s only “new” mac (the thin MacBook). The Mac Pro right now is an embarrassment. The Macbook Pro is a dinosaur. The MacBook Air doesn’t even have a retina display and is likely a dead computer walking. The iMac? Had a decent update like 2 years ago. This is fucking sad.

    1. I have to add also , where the Mac Marketing?
      No ads. No serious campaign since Mac/PC guy (66 different ads , one new ad a month) ages ago . Not even cheap web ads. Hardly any ads during the years of Win 8 fiasco …

      Macs made more money than iPads last quarter so there’s money there but Apple has switched off the ‘Open for business’ sign.

      Slow updates, no upgradable GPU mac, no advertising: Mac sales problems are a ‘self inflicted prophecy’.

      (before people flame , I love my iPad Pro 12.9, I keep drawing on it with the pencil and have to force myself to stop, but the Mac is opportunity lost ….. also need a file system ‘Pro OS’ for the iPad Pro… )

  4. We clearly have stock manipulators at cross-purposes with one another at this moment in time. They lost track of the concept of collaboration. Every rectal pore for himself, apparently. Fine with me! It makes the 🍎🐻🐂💩 all the more amusing.

    1. Mac The Blight, in fact it is you as a Prime Troll that are not wanted here. Your own derogatory juvenile posts betray your trollness laughably repeatedly (trolls just can’t resist can they?) and your homophobic fixation which sounds more like self-hate transference of your own preferences to others. Go find you jollies somewhere else with kids your own age.

    1. Tim Cook is clueless. Tim Cook does not have Steve Jobs’ passion, intelligence, and determination; Tim Cook is weak, feeble, confused, and frightened. That’s why.

      1. “Tim Cook is weak, feeble, confused, and frightened.”

        Nope. You are. Plus you are sad and whiny.

        Tim Cook continues to make us rich. He created the money making machine when he invented Apple Production System when he was the COO. Now Apple is the biggest technology company in the world and continues to conquer the world.

        1. Spot on. People like Frank are clueless to reality and the unpleasant reality they are merely fools and idiots to be summarily ignored as their views are anything but rational, considered or intelligent. Their hate does NOT make them powerful, just pathetic.

  5. Its relatively predictable that Wall Street, no matter what Apple announces later today is going to look at it negatively.

    Apple’s biggest problem, as I see it, and so do others, is that its not shipping new products. Even if they are merely upgrades to existing lines and when they do, its not very exciting..

    Course this is predictable too. The Smartphone market is becoming saturated, the PC market has been stuttering for years, the Mac has enjoyed some success at the expense of the PC, but there have been no significant upgrades to any of the Mac product lines and while they are more than likely coming, its taken way too long and even then, if they don’t upgrade the Pro line, along with the Macbook series, its not going to be enough. And even then they are probably going to be speed bumps (what else is there) and perhaps some feature that seems interesting, but may not make people go wow..

    The biggest reason to own a Mac is they are infinitely more secure than any Windows PC period. People that buy Windows are risking identity theft and significant costs when they become intected

    IPads last forever, people are clinging to iPad 2’s.. (maybe even the iPad 1) Apple needs to cut the cost of the iPad to entice people to upgrade.

    Apple Watch is cool, but it takes too long for important software updates to rollout, OS3 should have come out already and not be dependent in IOS10. New Watch versions, because of form factor I just don’t think they can cram much more processing, memory, or features into a 39-42MM case and still have it last a day on a charge. Perhaps they’ll prove me wrong.

    Finally assuming its really true and Apple is trying to make a car, it will be doomed to fail. There are far more interesting things that Apple could be doing then trying to create a car that ultimately no one will probably be able to afford at Apple pricing, there are many car companies and the new one’s that try to break into the market, rarely have made it, Tesla is finding this out, and in a couple years, Telsa will be like Delorean , a wiki-pedia page.

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