Jim Cramer expects ‘not great’ earnings from Apple tomorrow

“The stock market is heading into a busy week of earnings season and all eyes will be on Apple, which is scheduled to report earnings after the close Tuesday,” Bret Kenwell reports for Philly.com.

“‘I expect a not-great number,’ TheStreet‘s Jim Cramer, co-manager of the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio, said from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange,” Kenwell reports. “Cramer says he stock has too many buy ratings from the analysts. Until those analysts turn less bullish, the stock will have a hard time bottoming.”

Kenwell reports, “That’s why Cramer’s looking for analysts with ‘soft buys’ to downgrade the stock.”

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MacDailyNews Note: We’ll soon see.

On April 26, 2016, Apple provided the following guidance for Q316:

• revenue between $41 billion and $43 billion
• gross margin between 37.5 percent and 38 percent
• operating expenses between $6 billion and $6.1 billion
• other income/(expense) of $300 million
• tax rate of 25.5 percent

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  1. I am still baffled at why people are so crazy about this James Cramer guy. He is wrong so often and so boldly that it makes no difference what he says, as well as almost all of the “analysts”.

    But yes, of course the earnings will not be great: Apple itself wrote so in their prognosis.

  2. “Not great” for Apple would be the thrill of a lifetime for any other company. I wonder if these “not great” numbers are one’s Apple has already said it would hit? So no real surprises Jimbo. They make it sound like a lower number than already predicted.

  3. “Not great” but in accordance with Appl’es own guidance and explanation that it’s due to global economic tailwinds, iow, everyone’s in the same boat…

    1. But everyone isn’t in the same boat. It’s mainly Apple’s boat that has sprung a leak and the share price is sinking. Most of the major tech companies are seeing all-time highs. Only Tim Cook’s boat is hitting iceberg after iceberg and rapidly heading toward Dave Jones Locker.

      Apple could have least built a great Mac Pro with all the best goodies instead of some trash-can shaped computer a user can’t even get new GPUs for. Anything Apple does, it appears small and less wealthier companies can do much better for a cheaper cost. Where has Apple’s once-praised economies of scale gone to. It’s just crazy.

    1. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes out in the fall. Apple has traditionally pushed new consumer hardware announcements out in the Sept/Oct timeframe, so we can still have some hope that the Apple product development team is actually still employed.

      1. You’re not going to get it because of Jony Ive who thinks a Mac Pro should look pretty on a coffee table. He’s an artist and it appears how something looks is more important than how useful it functions. Apple itself is on a “green” kick, so you’d better know they’re not going to build a Mac Pro that eats electricity like there’s no tomorrow. Meaning, no powerful Mac Pros comparable to other companies’ pro machines will be coming out of Cupertino.

        The cheese-grater Mac Pros were the last of a dying breed of Apple Pro computers and it’s a very sad thing indeed to see them go.

    1. Whatever happens to the stock tomorrow isn’t all that significant. The more important thing is what happens in a week or so. The initial market reaction to news from Apple is often widely inappropriate and it takes a few days ( or weeks, or months, or even years ) for the market to work out what’s really going on.

  4. Too much iPhone, not enough Mac, especially higher end. Deserting Pros with the dumbing down of applications and OS X (soon to be Mac OS). Hope it not even worse than it has gotten.

  5. Really burned by the loss of Aperture. Havoc for a pro with over 100,000 important photos in an Aperture Library. Photos is no substitute. Practically a shoebox for snapshots for Granny and the teenagers.

    1. They are taking a page from Steve Jobs’s playbook: — milk the iPhone for all it’s worth, whilst quietly working on the next insanely great thing.

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