How to use iCloud Photo Library selectively: Keep a photo locally and not in iCloud

“Brenda Best writes in with a common question that I finally have a workaround for: ‘How do take pictures off iCloud, but not have them deleted from my iMac, iPhone, and iPad? My iCloud is full and I want to clear it up by taking [off] the photos,'” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld.

“In the past, I’ve said, sorry, it’s all or nothing,” Fleishman writes, “Once you opt into iCloud Photo Library, all of your images are synced across all devices that use the same iCloud login and have iCloud Photo Library enabled, and the full-resolution versions of images and videos have to be stored in your iCloud account.”

“But I was being too restrictive in my thinking,” Fleishman writes. “There are ways around this situation, neither of which is ideal, but neither is completely a pain, either.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anyone use PowerPhotos? If so, what’s your verdict?


  1. Havent used either Photos or iCloud Photos. Never will.

    Apple simply isnt a factor in today’s photography world.

    I used to be much, much different.

    1. “Apple simply isnt a factor in today’s photography world.” You mean ‘your’ world? It’s the most popular camera in the history of mankind, get outta here dolt. “I used to be much, much different” You mean you used to be sane?

      1. @ Nick,
        I agree with your general points, but down-voted you due to name calling. We really could use a little more civility in the online world.

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