Leaked photos of Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus show Smart Connector, no mute switch

“Following our clearest look yet at the 4.7 inch phone yesterday, this morning photos of the larger 5.5 inch ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ have purportedly appeared on Weibo,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“Some sources have described the 5.5 inch model as a separate SKU, an ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ as it were, although whether this will come to pass is unclear,” Mayo reports. “These latest iPhone 7 photos once again show a very similar design to the iPhone 6s Plus … with the interesting addition of a Smart Connector, visible at the bottom of the device on the back side.”

Mayo reports, “There have also been rumors of a flush capacitive Home Button in the cards for iPhone 7. Although the quality of these photos are not very clear, it does appear that the Home Button design has been tweaked.”

Is this Apple's "iPhone 7 Plus" or, maybe, "iPhone 7 Pro?"
Is this Apple’s “iPhone 7 Plus” or, maybe, “iPhone 7 Pro?”

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  1. Those pics are not real. The phone is not indenting the fingers or the palm. It’s clear that the phone is floating above the hand. And of course as always the pics are not sharp. These days all pics should be very clear and sharp.

    1. Looks fake to me. Granted, the resolution sucks, but there is not even a vague indication of fingerprint ridges when you blow up the image.

      The iPhone 7 may end up looking a lot like the one in the image, but I would not bet a bunch of money based on this evidence.

      1. The camera bump looks odd, too. It may be legit, but I would not count on it.

        If the camera bulge is necessary, then I would extend the bump across the top of the phone. That would enable the phone to rest evenly on a desk or table. The extra volume could be used to enhance the battery capacity and/or add a sensor or two.

        1. Once you put the case on there is no camera bump. Extending it all the way through makes for a weird,….. no, not weird,….. horrible case. Who carries it without a case anyway?

    2. “These days all pics should be very clear and sharp”

      If only!

      Even with my iPhone 6s, there are times in medium light, when I can snap a photo and it turns out blurry.

      It has nothing to do with holding the camera still either; people in the shot move, you can’t always tell them not to. For some reason the shutter is being held open too long.

      My girlfriend’s iPhone 5 is even worse. It replaced a crappy 2011-era Android, but its lower quality camera usually produced a sharp photo, even if it was lower resolution. Neither the environment she normally shoots in, nor her pic-taking techniques, changed, just the camera.

  2. It would be a shame if the home button were flush as it’s indentation is by far the easiest way to know by touch which way up the iPhone is when plugging in the charger in the dark, or taking the iPhone out of my pocket.

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