“The latest PC marketshare figures from Gartner and IDC suggest Mac users are anxious for new MacBooks, as Mac sales fall and economic weakness impacts PC sales everywhere,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“IDC says Q2 2016 worldwide PC shipments fell 4.5%, totaling 62.4 million units, with Apple and Lenovo particularly impacted. Apple fell from a 7.4 percent share in Q2 2015 to a 7.1 percent share in Q2 2016, with an 8.3 percent drop in year-on-year shipments, they said,” Evans writes. “Gartner says Q2 2016 worldwide PC shipments fell 5.2%, totaling 64.3 million units. The analyst say Apple’s market share held, year-on-year, at 7.1 percent, though its year-on-year shipments fell 4.9 percent.”

“Looking at historical data it is noteworthy that PC sales are slumping at a significantly faster rate than during the 2008 recession,” Evans writes. “That Mac sales – which remained steady during the last recession — appear to being impacted this time around is a red flag warning of how severe these fresh challenges are. That Apple is impacted means something – the company has been estimated as accounting for 0.5 percent of US GDP and 0.15 percent of global GDP, so its weakness will have a material economic impact.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hey, you never know, new Macs just might turn things around! Dare we also suggest they be coupled with new Mac advertising campaigns? Hey, we can dream. Apple’s on a budget, you know. 😉

IDC, Gartner: Apple’s Mac no longer bucking PC industry’s sales slide – July 12, 2016