IDC, Gartner: Apple’s Mac no longer bucking PC industry’s sales slide

“After defying industry trends in recent years, Apple is feeling the slowdown in global purchases of laptop and desktop computers,” The Associated Press reports.

“Apple shipped 4 to 8 percent fewer Mac computers during the second quarter of 2016, compared with a year earlier, according to new estimates from two research firms,” AP reports. “Apple enjoyed steady increases in Mac sales for most of 2014 and 2015, while the rest of the PC market was in a slump… But Apple Inc. has been reporting a dip in Mac unit sales since the end of last year, and estimates released Monday suggest that trend is continuing. Analysts estimate Apple shipped 4.4 million to 4.6 million Macs in the quarter ending June 30.”

“PC sales overall have been declining for the last four years,” AP reports. “Global PC shipments fell to 62.4 million in the last quarter, down 4.5 percent from a year earlier, according to researchers at International Data Corp. Analysts at a second firm, Gartner, estimated that drop at 5.2 percent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: These are estimates only from sources whose estimates haven’t been uniformly accurate in the past. We’ll know for sure on July 26th after market close when Apple reports the actual results.

That said, several Mac lines are woefully long-in-the-tooth, so we expect there’s much pent-up demand to be fulfilled once Apple deigns to give users new Macs to buy. Some new Mac TV ads would be nice, too.


  1. Precisely my dear MDN. And disenchantment (yes I’ll dare say it again) with the Mac Pro line where many of us are sitting on the fence waiting to get the professional machine we really want, and not some over-designed ill-thought out too-small-for-prime-pro-time black trash can. Pro’s want a pro machine like a 2002 Burger King burger – they want it “their way.” An 8 processor iMac 5K wouldn’t be bad either with 64Gb RAM and Nvidia graphics card (CUDA anyone?).

    1. I’m going out on a limb and guessing that the MacPro may be dead. Everything sees to point that way.

      There isn’t any kind of whispering or chatter about anything in that space. In comparison we pretty much know everything about the MacBook Pro already, as well as the new iPhone.

      As you say, Apple doesn’t seem in the least bit interested in that market. In my opinion they’re information appliance makers now, and the iMac may be as “pro” as they need to go.

      We’re primarily talking about gamers and serious video editors, and they’ve surrendered gamers already. Only stubborn Mac users who don’t want their hands soiled with Windows are still using Macs in CGI, Video, etc.

      These days Apple is about the guy who shoots his entire award winning documentary on his iPhone, and edits it on his iPad.

      Old monitors have been discontinued, and there are no new monitor to replace.

      When you see their product line picture, what’s conspicuously missing? Each device addresses a need that they wish to cover. Apparently that doesn’t include the “pro” user.

      It could be an 80/20 rule thing. 80% of creatives that use Macs are on iMacs, so why push for that last 20%?

      Powerful GPU cards are too thick for Apple’s taste I think? (I’m only partially kidding).

      If you can’t see Taylor Swift buying one, Apple probably won’t make one.

      We’re at the cusp of learning new ways to do old jobs anyway. Perhaps they’ll do something with a chassis similar to the Razor Core.

      But I bet you’re right about the 8 core iMac 5K and maybe even a build to order 10 Core iMac 5k?

      1. You may well be right TM. It would make things much simpler if Apple would simply cop to no future Mac Pro development and free us to make other choices. I have many prominent friends in the video, graphics and VFX world who’s preference is Macs. Emmy and Oscar winning folks. I am pragmatic, even if previously biased toward Macs. I am finding it easier to reconcile moving on as far as pro uses, but it’ll be a sad day. Helping a friend with his 4K editing setup with a custom PC built the way you want it was kind of exciting. I could get used to that. An 8-core iMac would be tempting but multiple Xeon CPU’s is the way to go for the added higher RAM advantages. Oh and a couple great GPU vide cards. Thanks for responding – always nice to talk to an adult here instead of a few bratty juvenile numbskulls wasting this space. 🙂

  2. I agree that regular updates to the Mac line up would help with sales.
    I am still using this 1st gen 15″ rMBP after 4 years and it is still going strong. However, I would be willing to upgrade if a significantly better model was around. I bought a new 15″ rMBP for my wife last October since the older one was on its last legs. The newer model has some features like force touch that mine does not but other than that it is more or less the same.
    I also would have updated our Mac mini but settled on putting an SSD in the 2009 model instead.
    So all together that is about $3000 of lost sales from one household.

  3. Let’s see what Apple announces in the Fall.

    Personally, according to rumors about the next version of macOs, I will need to upgrade to a newer iMac.

    Will there be new a new iMac to go along with that new version of macOs or whatever is the proper designation of the os name is.

  4. It’s not surprising, since the only new Mac they’ve released in recent memory is the new thin Macbook. Mac Mini, Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, and even iMac are starting to look really, really old. Get with the times, Apple. What the fuck is the hold-up??

  5. “That said, several Mac lines are woefully long-in-the-tooth, so we expect there’s much pent-up demand to be fulfilled once Apple deigns to give users new Macs to buy.”

    The understatement of the year to date — maybe of this century to date.

  6. The iMac has not had a serious update to its design in 9 years, the Mac Pro is dead in the water, the MacBook comes with one port and keyboard that *everybody* does not like… shall I go on?

    Sorry but the competition has caught up. People I speak to who use Windows 10 absolutely love it, and they can get a laptop that looks very close to a MacBook but costs half as much.

    Then you have Apple fans who are not buying because of the lack of upgradabilty.

    Chickens are coming home to roost for Mr. Cook, who seems more worried about leftist social action.

  7. I usually upgrade my MBP every 3 years. My current rMBP 15″ is now 4 years old. I’m waiting for TouchID to come to the Mac. I don’t really need a new MBP, but TouchID would sell me on an upgrade. Until then, I’ll wait….

  8. Part of the story is, intel processors haven’t really improved much for several years now, yawn. I hope Apple can do something about that… (A10? B10?)

    1. You’re kidding, right?

      Intel’s processing power, memory access speeds, connectivity, and integrated graphics continue to improve by leaps and bounds. PCIE (Thunderbolt) alone has been improved dramatically in the last 3 years. It’s Apple that is falling behind, milking the old products.

        1. At least not any iMac Jony Ive is going to design. I don’t know why Apple can’t have at least one loss leader product that’s totally rad. They could at least build a limited edition high-end product with super-specs to see if anyone bites.

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