More blood on Apple iPad’s touchscreen: Dell pulls plug on Android-based Venue tablets

“Dell has stopped selling Android devices as it steps away from slate-style tablets to focus on Windows 2-in-1 devices,” Agam Shah reports for IDG News Service. “The company isn’t refreshing the Venue line of Android tablets, and will no longer offer the Android-based Wyse Cloud Connect, a thumb-size computer that can turn a display into a PC. Other Android devices were discontinued some time ago.”

“Dell won’t be offering OS upgrades to Android-based Venue tablets already being used by customers,” Shah reports. “‘For customers who own Android-based Venue products, Dell will continue to support currently active warranty and service contracts until they expire, but we will not be pushing out future OS upgrades,’ the spokesman said.”

“Dell’s move away from slate-style tablets is no surprise, said Bob O’Donnell, principal analyst at Technalysis Research,” Shah reports. “Inexpensive Android tablets are a dime-a-dozen, and it makes sense for Dell not to play in a crowded market, O’Donnell said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another iPad wannabe bites the dust.

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    1. Cheaptards get angry when they can’t buy Apple level quality products at Android or nameless Chinese brand prices. And then make their bad based-on-price-only choices and subsequently suffer from their lack of vision. Too bad, so sad. You get what you pay for and it’s about time you learned that salient fact and stop tilting at windmills.

    2. It isn’t a “few” bucks people save. At the end of the day there’s no reason to own an iPad or any tablet with the advent of the Macbook. It’s much more comfortable using the keyboard and highly portable. I own and iMac and MacBook and personally think it’s a great combination. I’ve purchased and returned an iPad twice I’ll never own one. Just my personal opinion.

  1. One down and about 99 bazillion Android tablet makers still left. Apple isn’t going to gain any tablet market share because Dell left the tablet business so there’s no point in popping any champagne corks. Amazon is supposedly crushing iPad sales with their inexpensive line of Kindle HD tablets. Apple doesn’t come out a winner by a long-shot. It appears the tablet market isn’t worthwhile pursuing with the rapid disappearance of consumers who want them.

  2. Non iPad tablets are dead, unless they have a keyboard attached. Dell is going to concentrate on more profitable Windows convertibles. You know, the kind of hybrid that MDN is begging Apple to make.

    1. You may be right.

      However, the iPad may also be on the decline. People have finally figured out that iOS is too limiting. Most iPad owners I know use it only for a remote control or kid entertainment. Almost invariably, lightweight communication gets done on a mobile phone and work gets done on a Mac or Windows PC. The iPad will never replace either device, whether you can attach a keyboard or not.

      Apple’s iPad Pro is the response to the continued popularity of the Surface. Both are clunky in my opinion, but the deal breaker is that iPads have the more cobbled OS. You can be sure that Dell will offer something closer to a Surface and less like an iPad in the future, because that seems to be the only growing segment of ultraportable configuration. If Apple put its MacBook price in realistic territory and added two more USB-C ports, then it would kill off the Surface. But no, apparently Apple is concentrating first and foremost on looping people into icloud. They are totally lost on Mac hardware since Cook arrived.

      1. The continued popularity of the Surface at the Redmond municipal landfill remains at an all-time record high. You’re right there. But that’s really more like Dells market – can’t really see how Apple would want to be part of that.

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