Alleged iPhone 7 chassis lacks 3.5mm headphone port

“If there is one prevailing rumor about this year’s iPhone is that Apple could be ditching the headphone port, and that in its place we could be looking at a second set of speakers,” Tyler Lee reports for Ubergizmo.

“Now so far the rumors have been a bit back and forth regarding the second speaker replacing the headphone port, but now a new photo has seemingly ‘confirmed’ it,” Lee reports. “The image above obtained by shows the alleged chassis of the iPhone 7, and as you can see, the headphone port is clearly gone.”

Lee reports, “In its place, Apple seems to have added another set of grills which we can only imagine will be for the speakers, or maybe even the microphone.”

Claimed leaked photo of "iPhone 7" chassis lacks 3.5mm headphone jack
Claimed leaked photo of “iPhone 7” chassis lacks 3.5mm headphone jack

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully this is a real iPhone part and Apple is really about to dump the 3.5mmm anachronism.

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  1. Bring it on. I wasn’t a believer of dumping it before, but then I bought a set of lightning headphones and there is a significant difference in audio quality. So, I say yes. Bring it.

        1. If you or Apple think that the mainstream consumer is going to replace their current decent aftermarket $40 earbuds with reliable 3.5mm jack in exchange for a $300 pair of Lightning headphones, you must be crazy.

          1. If Apple makes the lighting connector the default, there will be plenty of $40 lightning headphones floating around. Lightning will simply replace the 3.5mm jack. Just like with usb, thunderbolt, Sata, Dvi, DisplayPort, multitouch, the mouse, etc… Just like all the other technologies that apple mainstreamed first. They all started out with high end accessories and eventually became standard and deployed by the entire industry.
            Right now lightning is not the default connector, it’s a luxury. But once it is the interface, the accessory price plummets. Especially since there is a noticeable quality difference even from my other hi res headphones that use 3.5mm connectors.

            1. Nothing with a lightning connector today costs less than ~$40, even if it’s just a simple wiring adapter. In my opinion, Lightning is a symbol of Apple’s greed. It’s not that the connector doesn’t work as good as the legacy (also poorly designed) 30-pin dock connector. But it’s proprietary and costs way too much. It does nothing that Micro USB or USB-C doesn’t already do. Apple’s continued push of proprietary connectors and overpriced adapters is an embarrassment that only undermines the user experience and the value of the brand. Even if Apple gave adapters away for free, which they should, Lightning adapters necessary to allow the continued use of customers’ favorite existing headphones is a klunky experience that completely negates whatever thinness benefit Ive thinks he could implement. Apple would do better to add thickness to the iPhone and deliver what users really want: flush camera with better optics, and more adequate battery capacity.

              If Apple removes the DAC and 3.5mm analog audio jack from within the iPhone, then the customer will be forced to buy an external DAC at the minimum. He probably would have to buy a special adapter to allow him to listen and charge at the same time. And if he goes wireless heaphones, then he will have to charge up his headphones and carry an additional charger to do that. At what cost? You may choose to pay $300 for incremental audio quality improvement, but most people will not.

  2. F Off. Tim Cook is the mastermind behind Apple’s success and we the stockowners thank him for creating this money making machine. We wish Tim Cook a new Billion dollar option plan because he has earned it. He made us wilthy rich.

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