Slavish Apple copier Samsung debuts ‘Captured on Galaxy S7’ ad

“Not to be outdone by Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign, Samsung has released its own “Captured on Galaxy S7 and S7 edge” video that demonstrates the 4K recording prowess of the two high-end smartphones,” PhoneArena reports.

“It’s quite embarrassing that Samsung in 2016 still feels the need to blatantly copy as much as it can from,” Yoni Heisler writes for BGR. “The aim of the commercial is to show consumers the quality of 4K video recording on both the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge. Fair enough, but the ad’s slogan seems awfully similar to Apple’s longstanding and ongoing “Shot on iPhone” campaign which aims to show consumers the power of the iPhone’s camera.”

Heisler writes, “Now if this was any other company, maybe they’d get a pass, but let’s be honest: Samsung has a long and storied history of ripping off al things Apple, rather unapologetically at that.”

Samsung’s “new” ad:

Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign began in early 2015:

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung, the shameless Apple copier strikes again!

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  1. I thought that the careful use of chiaroscuro and the inevitable symbolism inherent in modern life as represented by the sleeping dog, gave me a sense of doom.

    1. They think a couple of differences or fairly minor things on a Samsung Android phone not on iPhone as a big Hail Mary free pass that forgives all their other major trespasses as a slavish copier who knows not how to think for themselves.

      But then if you’re a cheapskate Fandroid you’re a born desperate & specious apologist justifying your miserable life’s choices continuously, and by any disingenuous means.

  2. The Samsung ad looked good.

    Presented as an iPhone ad, people would endorse it. A good mix of action and beauty. The tree scenes were done well.

    But when I replace my ancient 4S next year, it will be the iPhone 7 or 6E.

    1. I highly doubt that any of that was “captured on a galaxy s7” maybe the video initially was, but they clearly ran that through an editor and cleaned it up. It’s also color corrected, de noised, and processed. So it’s a false ad. One thing you have to give apple credit for is using the images actually taken on their devices in ads. And the fact that they have to display the “4K” logo continuously smacks of envy and inadequacy.

    1. Yeah, why don’t they innovate with new features instead of copying Apple?
      They should give it unique features like a better camera, allow memory expansion and make it waterproof.
      Oh wait! They already did that.

  3. HA HA HA HA HA!
    SHAMELESS Slavish Apple Copier ScamScam.

    In their video I notice the use of:
    1) Tripods.
    2) Fluid head panning.
    3) Tracking rails.

    IOW: PROFESSIONAL GEAR REQUIRED in order to get what they showed in the ad. Scam and Scum. ‘Fooled You Again, Stupid Customers!’

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