MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote address

Apple CEO Tim Cook and a team of Apple executives will kick off the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) with a keynote address today, June 13th, at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT.

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off at the historic Bill Graham Civic Auditorium for an unforgettable Monday as Apple’s renowned developer community comes together to learn about the future of OS X, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Apple today will stream the company’s WWDC Keynote live via Safari browser and Apple TV. Live streaming video Live streaming uses Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) technology. HLS requires an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with Safari on iOS 7.0 or later, a Mac with Safari 6.0.5 or later on OS X v10.8.5 or later, or a PC with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. Streaming via Apple TV requires an Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation) with software 6.2 or later or an Apple TV (4th generation).

The big event starts today at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT here: Open it in one browser tab or window and this page in another to comment on the proceedings in real-time.

MacDailyNews will offer live notes during Apple’s keynote on this page. We’ll see you back here just before 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT.

Live notes from Apple CEO Tim Cook’s WWDC 2016 keynote address in reverse chronological order:

• Cook thanks everyone. End of keynote.

• Cook: “At Apple, we believe technology should lift humanity.”
• Cook calls iOS 10 “the mother of all releases.”
• Cook recaps announcemnets
• Cook: I can’t wait to see what this next generation of developers will create
• Video of what inspired developers to start coding

Apple’s Swift Playgrounds will be a free app
• Swift Playgrounds – public beta next month. In App Store when iOS ships this fall.
• Swift Playgrounds demo (from simple to advanced) – comes with a completely new coding keyboard
• Swift Playgrounds will revolutionize the way people learn to code.
• New Apple app for iPad: Swift Playgrounds
• Because Swift is so easy to learn, it can bring more people into coding
• Swift was released as Open Source in December. It’s already the #1 language on gitHub
• Tim Cook retakes stage. Swift: Over 100,000 apps have adopted Swift code

• iOS 10 release scheduled for “this fall.”
• iOS 10 video beign shown

• Apple is the clear privacy leader among technology companies today
• Differential privacy – enables crowd-sourced learning while preserving individual privacy
• Deep learning is done on-device
• In every feature Apple does, they carefully consider the user’s privacy

• Split-view in Safari for iPad.

• No Messages for Android announced. Looks like you’ll still need an iPhone in order to take part in superior messaging.
• iMessage Apps demo… Can send stickers. Can also “peel them off” and “stick” them on Messages bubbles.
• iMessage Apps. Apps for iMessage. Developers can create apps for use in Messages. Squarecash, for example, can pay right thru Messages
• Big emoji will be welcomed by users with aging eyes
• Demo pauses… Fixed. Slightly delayed messaging. Catching up to Invisible Ink.
• Apple Music links can be sent and played right inline in your Message transcript
• Messages demo.

• Can send full screen wallpaper, too
• Can send your heartbeat
• Can send digital touch
• Handwritten messages now supported
• Bubble effects, invisible ink (occlude your message, photo, video)
• Emoji predictions, emoji-fiable words are highlighted for replacement by emoji
• 3x bigger emoji
• Camera & Photos integrated into your Messages transcript
• iOS 10: Messages to offer rich links (photos and video in-line)

• Cisco Spark app – you can receive personal cell number calls and also your work number calls
• iOS 10: VoIP API – no matter the app, they can integrate into the Lockscreen
• Phone: Adds voicemail transcription. You can read your voicemail instead of having to listen to it.

• Apple Watch comes with built-in Home control support
• You can access all of your HomeKit devices remotely via Apple TV
• HomeKit built into iOS Control Center – just swipe up and over via Lockscreen
• Home app offers scenes (example: “Good night” turns off lights, lowers heat, etc.)
• Home app – collects all of your HomeKit compatible accessories for you to control
• HomeKit: New Apple app called “Home.”
• HomeKit: Widely supported by device makers and also by home builders
• Hair Force One returns

• News introduces subscriptions: Read media from right inside of News
• News can create new collections based on what you read
• Apple News has an all-new redesign.
• Apple News. Over 60 million monthly readers.

• Radio: Live in over 100 countries. Beats 1, other radio stations like Elton John’s Rocket Hour, genre-based stations
• Browse: Top Charts, etc.
• For You: Daily curated playlists
• Lyrics for each song now available.
• New section: “Download Music” – shows the music that’s on your device
• New structure makes it clear where you are: Library, For You, Browse, Radio, Search
• All-new Apple Music redesigned from the ground up
• Apple Music now has 15 million subscribers

• Maps API. Apple opens Maps to developers with Maps extensions
• Also available on CarPlay
• Navigation give you more info, traffic on route, and pan and zoom ahead
• Maps: All-new design. Maps are more proactive. Slide up from bottom and get relevant suggestions
• Eddy Cue returns to stage

• Demo of Memories: iOS creates edited movies for you. You shoot the shots, the movie is automatically created
• Memories. Advanced artificial intelligence to groups photos into recognizable forms (people, topics, trips, etc.)
• Photos. Advanced Computer Vision. Facial recognition to the iOS (done locally on device). Object and scene recognition.

• QuickType. Siri intelligence come to the keyboard. Deep learning for auto correct, suggestions, contacts; multilingual typing

• Siri API supports messaging, ride booking, photo search, workouts, payments, VoIP calling, works with CarPlay, too
• Tell Siri: “Send a WeChat to Nancy saying I’ll be 5 minutes late.” Done.
• Siri opened us to developers

• Widgets can be added to lock screen (third party apps, too)
• Control Center: swipe to get full music control section
• Raise to wake – iPhone wakes up – not buttons – see your notifications which are interactive via 3D Touch
• Redesigned lock screen, notifications thru expanded use of 3D Touch

• iOS 10: Huge release for developers and users

• Developers get macOS Sierra today

• Siri can do sophisticated queries, they can also be followed on to be refined. (Example: Give me all of the files I worked on last week. Show me just to ones that mention “soccer.)
• Siri comes to Mac.

• Picture-in-picture for Mac (like on iPad)
• Tabs everywhere – without any developer modification
• Apple Pay on the web. “Pay with Apple Pay button.” Use your iPhone’s Touch ID or your Apple Watch with a simple tap on your wrist

• Optimize storage: Keep older docs in iCloud (avail. on demand). Simple UI to manage it. This will make a big difference for users
• All docs and your desktop available on all Macs and those files available on your iPhone/iPad, too
• Universal clipboard: Continuity: copy from your iPhone, paste it with your Mac (and vice versa)
• Auto unlock. Use your Apple Watch to quickly open your Mac. Your Mac knows you’re there wearing your Apple Watch – you do nothing, “It just works.”
• Next OS is “macOS Sierra”
• OS X is now “macOS”
• Hair Force One takes stage

• AAPL: 1:35 p.m., $97.51, -1.32, -1.33%, Volume 23.00m

• tvOS coming to public this autumn
• Apple that have Apple TV counterparts can download to Apple TV automatically
• Apple TV gets “dark mode”
• Activation/authentication: SINGLE SIGN-ON – Sign in ones on Apple TV and you get access to all of your apps – coming to iOS, too.
• Just say, for example, “Watch ESPN 2” and the video comes on
• You can search YouTube via Siri for Apple TV
• Siri on Apple TV: Search movies by topics: “Find high school comedies from the 80s” – searches over 650,000 movies and TV shows
• Apple TV Remote app: All new – all features of Siri Remote for iPhone – turns your iPhone into a Siri Remote
• Sling for Apple TV – today, Fox Sports Go, Molotov, NBA 2K, SketchParty – coming
• Apple TV App Store: Over 1300 video channels to date, over 6,000 native apps
• tvOS and Apple TV: Eddy Cue takes stage

• watchOS 3 preview release available today. Free upgrade to all Apple Watch users this fall
• New APIs: Apple Pay in apps, fitness apps can run in background, SpriteKit, SceneKit, Crown & Touch events, Speaker audio, Inline video, Game Center, CloudKit
• Kevin Lynch returns: wacthOS 3 is a ginat step forward for devlopers

• You can set smart notifications to remind you to do deep breathing (visuals and gentle taps guid you)
• New Apple app for Apple Watch: Breathe. Deep breathing sessions. Mitigate stress. Deep breathing can have long term health benefits
• Apple Watch Activity for wheelchair users (time to roll and two workouts in Workout app for wheelchair users)
• You can send you heartrate to Activity friends or smacktalk right from Watch
• Jay Blahnik: Activity sharing (swipe to the right and you’ll see your family and friend’s rings for competition)

• watchOS 3: SOS – just press and hold the side button to call 911 (watch sends map of your location and medical ID info you s=choose to share). Works in other countries (calls 999 in Hong Kong for example)
• Scribble works in English and Chinese
• watchOS 3 demo
• You can now swipe between watchfaces and add more complications to more watchfaces
• Activity rings watchface – easy to see your progress
• Mini Mouse comes to Apple Watch (change her dress colors to match Apple Watch bands)
• watchOS 3 Messages streamlined – you can now “Scribble” right on Apple Watch face – letters go right on top of each other
• watchOS 3 Control Center – swipe up from bottom
• watchOS 3 features Dock! Accessed via Side button
• watchOS 3: Serious improvements in speed – apps launch instantly
• Kevin Lynch takes stage to discuss watchOS

• Apple’s 4 platforms: watchOS, tvOS, OS X, iOS
• Cook: Developers are crucial to Apple
• Mac, iPhone/iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV
• Cook: We’re going to talk to you about four platforms

• Apple about to pass $50 billion paid to developers
• 130 billion downloads
• App Store surpasses 2 million apps

• Over 1000 Apple engineers on site throughout WWDC week
• Over 100 attendees at conference under 18 years old
• Over 70% of WWDC attendees are first time WWDC attendees
• Cook: We have a really big and jam-packed morning for you and we couldn’t be more excited.
• Cook welcomes all to WWDC 2016

• Cook: Please rise and join us in a moment of silence for the victims
• “Apple celebrates our diversity. We know it makes us stronger.”
• Cook talks about Orlando terrorist attack
• Tim Cook takes the stage

• 9:24am PDT: AAPL: $97.43, -1.40, -1.42%, Volume 19.27m
• 8:52am PDT: AAPL: $97.48 -1.35,-1.37%, Volume 16.99m


  1. Apple stock in free fall today….down $1 if not more. Of course the whole market is tanking today but one would have hoped that WWDC would have offered some stronger level of support.

    1. It’s because people know they won’t have any new hardware. It’ll tank even more, and then when it’s rock bottom those early sellers will buy them back at a discount before the price restabilizes. The art of day trading.

        1. You’re a dumbass. Can you write software like that? Hardware isn’t the end all be all idiot. The platform advancing is much more important.

  2. “Mini mouse”? What, Bluetooth? Why would anyone need a mouse for a watch? Well, other than people like me who have kielbasa for fingers…

    Oh. Minnie Mouse. Never mind….

  3. Now if only there were some qualified, bona fide tech journalists, who understand how integrated this makes all of Apple’s products and the ramifications of all this cutting edge world changing innovation, it would be ammazing breakthrough tech news!

  4. I’ll download the watchOS and apply it on day one of release. It can’t get much slower than it is now. I’ll leave all the rest for Apple Quality Assurance (customers who apply right away) to find and debug them.

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