Indian government discussing waiver to permit Apple Retail Stores

“The Indian government on Monday said it was discussing Apple Inc’s foreign direct investment application that seeks a waiver from a local sourcing rule,” Manoj Kumar reports for Reuters. “Nirmala Sitharaman, commerce and industry minister in the federal cabinet, told reporters her ministry would discuss the issue with the finance ministry.”

“A panel set up by Sitharaman’s ministry had favoured waiving the sourcing requirement for the U.S.-based phone-maker. But a government official, with direct knowledge of the FIPB decision, said Apple’s request was turned down as it failed to provide any material “on record” to back it,” Kumar reports. “‘We took a line that we wouldn’t mind waiving off the local sourcing norm for Apple’s high-end products,’ said Sitharaman. ‘(The) finance ministry has taken a different line. We will talk to them.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we recently remarked on Apple Retail Stores in India:

That’ll be worked out eventually. — MacDailyNews, May 24, 2016

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  1. In my prior post, I noted that Cook and the CEO of FoxConn would have a lot of off the record “conversations” (negotiations) with a lot of Indian officials.

    I predicted that for India to be part of the worldwide tech society, that sooner or later a deal will be done.

    It looks like sooner might be now.

    1. It is in the best interests of India to allow Apple to set up retail stores to sell their products in India. The “knock-on” effects will be huge. It would be short-sighted of India to say no. Think of all the planning, construction, logistics, supply, facilities maintenance, staff hiring, transportation et cetera that would be needed to build, supply, maintain, and run Apple stores. This is on top of the favorable knock-on, or “halo”, effects to nearby shops, malls, and real estate. And Apple stores would give India’s image a good update, too. It would be crazy of Indian officials to say no to Apple.

  2. 1. People buying 16 GB phones and now bitching about how it isn’t enough storage

    2. People complaining about the lack of ports, even knowing that Apple has a habit of deleting them

    3. People complaining about premium pricing even though they claim they themselves bought the products

    4. People lambasting Apple for falling behind in features and technical specifications, ignoring the all-important role of profitability in motivating those things

    5. People comparing today’s Apple to yesterday’s Apple, instead of a more relevant comparison of Apple versus its competitors in the same time frame

    6. People ignoring industry-wide standards around LGBT issues and pretending Tim Cook is the only one

    7. People (maybe only one) who make double-spaced lists of Apple failings in a known Apple fan spot

  3. It’s One Note Joe from Doofus, MO returned from the Internet Trolls Convention! Ready for more bilious spew no doubt, with his low octane mind on all things homophobe & scatological (reflecting what’s stored between his ears).


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