Apple reportedly planning huge upgrade for Siri

“It looks like Apple is planning a huge upgrade for Siri, one that will see the voice assistant surge ahead of rivals Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Alexa, the AI behind Amazon Echo,” Harish Jonnalagadda reports for iMore.

“Apple acquired U.K.-based speech processing startup VocalIQ last year, and will be integrating the advances made by the company in processing natural language queries and machine learning into Siri,” Jonnalagadda reports.

“VocalIQ uses machine learning to provide context to queries, with the AI able to understand a follow-up question to a previous query,” Jonnalagadda reports.

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Apple acquires advanced artificial intelligence startup Perceptio – October 5, 2015
Apple buys artificial intelligence natural language start-up VocalIQ – October 2, 2015


  1. Apple simply doesn’t have the machine learning infrastructure to produce anything that would be comparable to its competitors. VocalIQ isn’t it.

      1. Immature rabid fanboy comment we all know the answer to and does NOTHING to advance the discussion.

        Stick to the post.

        Does Apple have the MOXIE to FIX beleaguered SIRI, or not? 🌞🇺🇸😎

      2. Apple leaks like a sieve, if they have a strong machine learning infrastructure we’d have known about it. Here’s a hint – they have no search engine technology, so what ever they deliver with Siri will be a poor imitation of Google Now or Cortana. Apple is decades behind Google and Microsoft when it comes to this, and purchasing VocalIQ isn’t going to catch them up.

        1. You nailed it.

          Without the expanded resources of search engine capability it seems SIRI is lost in the desert.

          Multiple times I have read fanboy suggestions as to BUY DDG.

          I’m not a software engineer, but possibly the acquisition combination would put SIRI over the top?


          1. Unfortunately not, DDG leverages Google behind the scenes to deliver search results, it simply doesn’t track/monitor the shit out of you as they deliver those results. Apple needs an overall sea change when it comes to machine learning. Perhaps a stronger relationship with IBM may aid in that regard. As for the fanbois, many know jack shit about technology. They see the Apple logo and just fall in line with the Cult of Mac.

            1. Not sure what you mean DDG behind the scenes?

              If ad tracking is the only difference, sounds good, no?

              As to the Fanbois, yeah, talk about frothing click-bait … 🌞🇺🇸😎

        2. Apple’s supply chain for hardware leaks like a sieve.

          But AI doesn’t require a supply chain. Like the first 64-bit ARM chip, Apple can make enormous advances without anyone outside the company knowing until Apple is ready.

    1. Once again nothing remotely cogent, intelligent or insightful from “Just Like Everything Cook Touches…” aka One Note Broken Record Troll Joe from Shambolic Rambling, MO.

      Same old juvenile vitriolic spew that offers up nothing to the proceedings except show what a complete infantile abject moron he is, and continues to be.

      YOU FOOL NO ONE JOE SCHMO. And offer up less.

    1. You read my mind.

      I just upgraded from a 4S to the SE. I asked Siri a simple question and prefaced to search Internet and it listed several contacts!

      I rephrased my question three ways and same results with different contacts listed.

      A GRANDE, WTF APPLE!?!?!?!

      Rolling Thunder baby … 🌞🇺🇸😎

    2. My best guess is that Siri is suffering from database bloat. It’s got too much collected data to traverse, gets bogged down and loses track of useful responses amidst the flotsam crud it’s accumulated. It takes a real human being to cull the crud and hone the code into progressive shape. No way can Siri clean itself up and improve itself.

  2. Will they be upgrading it from BASIC to maybe something written in fortran? Something that keeps track of the stupid feedback loops and questions like “Which wife?” when I say call my wife would be cool. Maybe something that can assess how stupid it is when it speaks?

  3. Wow.

    MDN is a total troll hangout now. Funny how stupid we are bashing Tim, Apple, their technologies and each other.

    Mac users are not what they use to be. Now that they got bigger with their latest iPhone iteration, we clearly see that money doesn’t come with intelligence…

    RIP MDN.

    1. (o_0) ‘therealspike’: You sound like nothing more than a FUD monger yourself. Talk to the mirror and figure out if you come here with ‘intelligence’. Oh and, if you posted as someone other than an anonymous coward, it would help to make your point.

      1. Yup,

        I realised I became one. I am in no shame of anonymously hidding myself. I am done posting here. In fact I am done with MDN, compiled my own feeds as I couldn’t resist reading the posting on each news to find out how low can it troll.

        If MDN could only filter its troll… Bah anyway!

        Keep on trolling!

        1. Of course, I repeatedly make the point about anonymous cowards because 99% of troll posts are by persons (bots?) who take no responsibility for what they post. We’ll never know who they are, if they were paid, if a variety of nicks aren’t in fact the same person, etc. If comments required registration via at least verified email addresses, that would help immensely. Meanwhile, it’s the wild west Internet, the same as back on the old usenet newsgroups.

      1. Cute comic!

        But my dad was born before the first transistor and if he lives as long as his father will likely see AI at human level or higher.

        People get so used to computers acheivements that they miss how fast progress is happening.

        At AI competitions (for difficult recognition and other kinds of problems), things have got so that most entrants each year blows away all the entrants of the previous year. More incremental improvements happen every month. That is very fast progress.

        1. Thanks for your insight! I’ve studied AI progress from a level where I understand the basic methodology, history and predictions of its progress. In terms of the predictions, AI is deadly slow in comparison. I can compare the predictions to the usual sci-fi stories that speed up presumed progress to the point of mania. Think of ‘2001, A Space Odyssey’ versus reality or ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’. Therefore, I’m not thinking at the level of actual relative progress. It’s time I caught up! 🙂

  4. I am NOT sticking up for Apple or Siri. I do agree Siri needs MAJOR improvements. But I did observe one thing….

    I was over at a friend’s house where he has the Amazon Echo.

    Just for the heck of it, we compared Siri to Echo, and I have to say that SIRI won. Sure, the echo is useful for some tasks, but when it came to the daily stuff – such as searching for appointments, telling when those appointments were going to be – Siri did come out on top.

    Sure, one can download add-ons for Echo to do SOME of the stuff that Siri does, but for the people that don’t understand what that is, or how to do it (like my 80 + year old dad) Siri would do just fine.

    But, again, Apple DOES NEED to open Siri to developers so that WE can make Siri even better than it is now.

  5. Planning a major upgrade to improve Siri, eh? That sounds way smarter than ignoring Siri while it degrades over years of neglect, which I just assumed Apple would keep doing. Hope there’s more to this than speculation and rumor.

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