Apple suppliers ramp up hiring in preparation for iPhone 7 series

“Apple’s top Taiwanese suppliers have started mass-hirings, with reports in Taiwan that the companies were recruiting staff in preparation for building the iPhone 7 series,” Haze Fan reports for CNBC. “On the website for Foxconn’s Zhenzhou, China, factory, a job advertisement on the homepage reads, ‘Foxconn Zhengzhou is hiring a large number of ordinary workers. Welcome to join Foxconn: Age between 18-40. Overall monthly salary: 3,800 renmimbi. Start working immediately.'”

“In a longer version of the ad, potential workers are encouraged to ‘hurry to apply,’ and warned that the company’s jobs hotline may be busy because ‘so many applicants are dialing in,'” Fan reports. “Taiwan’s Economic Daily News reported on Tuesday that Foxconn, which is also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry, and Pegatron, another Apple supplier, had ramped up hiring as they prepared to assemble the newest model iPhones.”

“The report noted that hiring at both suppliers had kicked off their recruitment seasons at least a month earlier than in previous years in which Apple has launched new iPhones,” Fan reports, “and that it was the first time in two years that Foxconn had started recruiting on the mainland as early as May.”

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  1. It sound sot me as though Apple are starting assembly early in order to get more iPhones built prior to the launch so that there will be a lot more stock available on launch day.

    As the pundits have already decided that the iPhone 7 is going to be another failure, just like every other iPhone has been declared to be a failure at the time it gets launched, we can expect to see headlines pointing out that as the waiting list is only five days, rather than the usual month, it is proof that nobody is buying them.

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