Apple CEO Cook upbeat on visit to Beijing

“Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook said he ‘caught a cab’ in Beijing on Monday morning,” Eva Dou reports for The Wall Street Journal. “The tab for that ride — $1 billion.”

“Mr. Cook tweeted photographs of himself learning to hail a ride from the president of China’s answer to Uber Technologies Inc., Didi Chuxing Technology Co., in which the technology giant on Friday announced a $1 billion investment,” Dou reports. “The visit, which also included a meeting with Chinese startups, appeared to be part of a charm offensive aimed at both Chinese regulators and investors wary of Apple’s prospects in its second-largest market. ‘It’s a message to shareholders, saying, ‘Look, we believe in the potential of China,” said Bryan Ma, an analyst for market-research firm IDC.”

“Mr. Cook’s upbeat tone on Monday reflects a strategy common among Western companies of not speaking publicly about regulatory challenges in China,” Dou reports. “An Apple spokeswoman declined to say if Mr. Cook will meet with Chinese regulators during this trip. China’s technology, Internet and content regulators didn’t immediately respond to faxed questions as to whether they planned to meet with Mr. Cook… In shutting down its book and movie services, Chinese regulators cited a new law that restricts licenses to Chinese companies, people familiar with the matter said last month. Apple is considering its options, which include finding a Chinese partner company, one of the people said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Message: Apple loves China.

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  1. So when Apple got approval from Chinese regulators to market th iPhone in China after years of planning, the pundits said it (China) was no big deal…

    When Steve Jobs was CEO, he was constantly defamed, bashed, belittled and criticized…but now the same idiot pundits say that “Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs” and that innovation at aPple is over now that Stev is no loger around…

    There’s a new generation of know nothings that buy the hype and what they consider the crediblie press, their ignorance and misdirected arrogance will bring upon them the inheritance of idiocracy which they well deserve….

    Same as it ever was….blablabla.

  2. Only Nixon could go to China.

    I read that a large reason iTunes and iBooks were blocked was due to the movie, “Ten Years Hong Kong.” The Chinese government banned the movie however it was available through iTunes. I cannot find it now.

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