Taylor Swift dances like no one’s watching in new Apple Music ad

Taylor Swift dances like no one’s watching to The Darkness’ “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” in her latest ad for Apple Music ad after sighing, “Ahh, I love a quite night at home.”

Hopefully, The Darkness is prepped for a sales/streaming resurgence.

These commercials are the icing on the manufactured controversy cake that Jimmy baked last year.


MacDailyNews Take: Another great ad for Apple Music!

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    1. Impressive does not begin to cover it.

      She is CEO of her own company and actively manages it.
      She is creative design for all her tours,
      She fronted for 7 of the top country singers on tour and all 7 got together to present her with the CMA pinnacle award for bring country to the world (Red was number 1 in 50 countries).
      Wrote a very good letter to Apple that pushed them over edge and changed their mind to offer streaming fees from day 1.

      OK, I like her music (taste is up to you) but I think the person is fantastic. (ps, she is only 26). What were you doing when you were 26?

      Just saying.

    1. Not a fan of her music, but from what I read about her, she seems to have done a great many things for her age. The few things I heard her say in public sounded articulate, coherent, honest and smart. Certainly much better than several recent American presidential candidates… And apparently, she is not even 30 yet.

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