Nikkei proclaims ‘iPhone 7’ Dead On Arrival; bemoans Apple’s ‘lack of innovation’

“Taiwan’s tech suppliers will get significantly fewer orders from Apple Inc. in the second half of this year compared with a year ago, no thanks to an ongoing slump in demand for premium smartphones and a lack of groundbreaking features for the upcoming iPhone 7,” Debby Wu and Cheng Ting-Fang report for Nikkei Asian Review, citing “sources familiar with the matter.”

“‘Suppliers are saying that they are getting fewer orders for the second half of this year compared with the year-ago period,’ a source said. ‘The traditional peak season this year will not be able to compare to the past few years,'” Wu and Ting-Fang report. “Another source said that for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the sole supplier for the latest A10 chips used in iPhone 7, its iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 chip shipments for the June to December period will likely shrink to 70%–80% of the level reached in the second half of 2015. Apple is TSMC’s biggest client, accounting for 16% of the Taiwanese company’s revenue.”

Wu and Ting-Fang report, “A person at a major Taiwanese supplier for Apple said iPhone 7’s lack of innovation is to be blamed for the weak demand.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Beyond the anonymous sources making baseless claims about innovation (we guarantee they have no idea what the iPhone 7 will offer in its entirety; judging a device by its rear casing or whatever single data point you have at hand is foolishness), if Apple is TSMC’s biggest client, accounting for 16% of the Taiwanese company’s revenue, then perhaps the problem lies with the other 84%? Did you ever think of that, intrepid Nikkei “reporters?”

Parse this thing from Nikkei Asian Review and you’ll find its foundation is nonexistent. For example: Have Apple’s “iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 chip” orders shrunk at TSMC due to projected lower demand from Apple or because they have other foundries stamping out such chips; information about which Nikkei’s “sources familiar with the matter” are wholly unfamiliar? That question remains unanswered, but, for the purposes of this report*, unimportant.

*This “report” smacks of a plant designed to depress the price of AAPL. Plain and simple. And Nikkei seems to be the preferred place to do it.

By random “coincidence,” AAPL dividends are payable today. Go figure!

Well, heeelllo, $80s! We knew you could get there! (Excuse us while we throw the truck into reverse and gun it!)

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    1. After another truthful statement….

      Insert Tim Cook apology and excuses (HERE)

      People, the more you enable this lazy incompetent the worst off Apple will be. This guy is so lazy, he would have someone else breathe for him if he could.

      Cook hasn’t done a blessed thing in 5-years, save milk all of Apple’s cash cows into stagnation, ignore the Mac line, kill the stock, rip off loyal Apple consumers in the short term with overpriced products and unnecessary adapters, fire and hire all the wrong people, create worthless new products, and put his face into every camera he could to campaign for gay rights!

      1. @timhemanhaterclub (basically the same commentator using different names),
        will you stop spewing your hate over and over! With nothing more to back your claim about dismissing Tim based on because he support equality for all individuals, regardless of their sexual preference, he continues to help drive Apple. To paraphrase Steve Jobs, “Don’t ask what would Steve do, ask what would Tim do.” Just do a search on the Internet to see why Steve J. did this.

        I don’t know if there is anyone right now that I would trust as much as Tim to continue to drive Apple. He is not the next Steve Ballmer, coasting on the success and monopoly of MS. Tim continues to move Apple to where the puck is going to be. AppleTV/AppleWatch are example of good execution of hardware, just a bit early. Like a preview of what what is to come.

        If you want to hate on Tim, and not be dismissed, then bring your facts. Give us examples/facts that bring or add to your comments. Short of those steps, we will continue to see you, regardless of the commentator name you use, as @timhemanhaterclub

      2. Just chill out, the iPhone is not going anywhere; sales will continue unabated; Apple inc. is spending huge amounts on R&D ($10 billion in 2016), so if you are a long term Apple investor sit back and enjoy all the FUD generated to try and force the stock down of the greatest innovator on this planet.

        Mobile technology is here to stay and Apple inc. is the fulcrum around which everything turns!!

        Of course, if your trading APPL, hope your decisions are wise ones and you don’t get caught in the manipulation of the hedge funds and large financial institutions.

      3. Joe no one’s paying any attention to your mindless blatherings by any other name. Same doofus in troll’s clothing. You embarrass yourself but then you’ve been embarrassing your family shamelessly for years. Must suck to be as incompetent in living your life as you claim others to be.

  1. For those with poor understanding of the English language.

    he was talking complete drivel: nonsense, twaddle, claptrap, balderdash, gibberish, rubbish, mumbo jumbo, garbage; informal poppycock, piffle, tripe, bull, hogwash, baloney, codswallop, flapdoodle, jive, guff, bushwa; informal, dated tommyrot, bunkum; vulgar slang crapola, verbal diarrhea.
    you always drivel on : talk nonsense, talk rubbish, babble, ramble, gibber, blather, prattle, gabble, waffle.

    In other words BullShite.

  2. Apple is about to start the manufacturing cycle for the iPhone 7 – that is why these bozos are seeing parts and why orders are being cut for older chips. How many times does Tim Cook have to reiterate not to read single points on the supply chain as an indicator of anything. The iPhone 7 upgrade cycle is going to be yoooooooogggge.

    1. Problem is, people don’t listen to Tim Cook, besides Apple has so many haters just waiting to bash at Apple every moves. Apple has to do somethings to stop all the unnecessary negativity about Apple which drive the $AAPL further down at the moments.

    1. Well the 6s is not selling anywhere near as well as projected. A badly designed ugly as sin device with huge honking bezels straight from a time of yore. And the next iPhone (which hasn’t been released yet) offering more of the same, why would anyone think there would a different outcome?

      1. Ya you’re probably right.

        Around 50 millions units. Worldwide. This phone is shit. You must be in the Apple walled garden in order to know so much.

        I know compagny that would do a lot to sell 50 or so millions of units in 90 days!

        BTW, Apple did say they would sell 50 millions. Where were you? In your mom’s basement smoking a doob?

        Chill out man, there must be a better forum to voice your thoughts.

          1. Like I said, there must be a place for you to express yourself.

            I found it, Facebook. You know? Where over 1000 and 1 million is the same… Stay in school.

            1. There MUST be. And a forum like the one you just posted in is created solely for your own bubble of your own thoughts.
              Keep smoking the strongest buds pal!

        1. You sound just like the Blackberry fanboys throwing numbers around in the face of numbers showing a downturn.
          People had to either accept that something was amiss or continue sipping the koolaid.

      2. “A badly designed ugly as sin device …”

        lol – this alone makes your comment worthless. Please take your trolling, and obvious lack of taste elsewhere.

        1. Yeah because if someone doesn’t think like you then it’s trolling.
          And if this is the first time your virgin ears have heard this, then you must have been born yesterday because it’s been described as ugly since the day images of the 6 first leaked.

  3. It’s just lucky for the buying public that there are so many companies doing an ongoing and wonderful job of innovating and bringing veritable paradigm shifts to the mobile sector.
    Apple management must squirm when they see all these incredible ideas that they never thought of.
    Oh… wait…

    1. As always we appreciate the grounding realities of your perspective Sean, silencing the small chorus of doofuses without a clue. What seems obvious to most is stupor-induced logic (I use the word very loosely) to the reality intolerant but loudmouthed foolish few.

  4. As always, the famous “Nikkei” leak from hedge funds, just prior to receiving their Dividends to re-invest. Apple inc. will no doubt also be buying back another truck load of AAPL!!

  5. And here we are, folks:

    Two points below the split of two years ago (@92.22). Wow. My family and I have never been enthusiastically pro- or con-Tim Cook’s leadership of Apple in the years since Steve’s death . . . but this is most disconcerting. Something is clearly amiss with the company’s current leadership, and we serious holders of the AAPL equity are beginning to wonder if buybacks, pathetic dividend payouts, and mountains of money rotting in bank accounts here and abroad represent a successful path to growth.

    These are, indeed, the times that try men’s souls.

      1. Great minds, and all that, Danox: I told everyone before the last conference call that Apple should up its dividend to .75 (minimum) to show confidence for the coming year’s earnings and aggressive product development. Yeah. Right. Tim announces a ginormous 10% hike from .52 to .57 . . . which really isn’t even 10%! Serious doubts a’growing here.

    1. Um, not to be completely dismissive of the point you’re trying to make here, iCry . . . but if an Apple fan and investor bought the stock at 134+ and checked his portfolio today, he might be a teeny-tiny bit concerned about the company’s financial prospects. Hell, even if people bought the stock a couple of weeks ago, they’d be soiling their pants today! This is–INDEED–a very, very bad period for AAPL. Period. True long-term Apple investors are hurting right now, so you might want to reign in your sarcasm a tad.

      1. Stock prices are fantasy.
        They are not based in the real world at all.
        50.6 billion in sales in one quarter.
        Income of 10.5 billion.
        $216 billion in cash.
        Apple is doing fine.

  6. I don’t know what to make of any single piece of data without context and of course these hit pieces should be taken with a grain of salt. Again no facts, just a bunch of FUD.

    Why do I say this? Because we don’t know answers like yield rates of the hardware, if other clients have cut their orders of that very same vendor, etc. So some one working the manufacturing line may see a drop in orders but not know why. Could it be possible that Apple has decided to add a new vendor to their chain? If we don’t know, what would make a vendor be aware of this. From their perspective, they just see a drop in orders.

    A few years back Tim mentioned this during one of Apple Quarterly Financial call.

    Now saying that the competitors are still growing, without context, is useless and misleading at best. So China’s Huawei and OPPO are growing. What part of their business is growing? Are they being profitable in the smartphone market? Again without context, this article is useless and a waste of bytes space being used on the server.

  7. When I read the title, I thought it had something to do with the Nikkei Index, but in the article it’s revealed it’s a (dumb) article in a magazine named Nikkei Asian Review

  8. It’s just another surgically allocated kick in the ass to ensure Apple does a good job innovating and staying focused on such, so as to excite the excited.

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