Main Street investors still love Apple stock

“Time to sell Apple stock?” Heather Long writes for CNNMoney. “Most Main Street investors say: No way!”

“Hedge fund bigwig Carl Icahn dumped all of his Apple stock last week, but Main Street investors are sticking by the beloved company,” Long writes. “‘Why would anyone in their right mind sell Apple?’ says Robert Ostrowski of Williamsburg, Virginia. He thinks Icahn’s move is just a stunt.”

“Apple is by far and away the top stock held individual investors. It’s popular across all age groups — from teens through retirees. Many bought when the stock was cheap in the early 2000s or after Steve Jobs’ death in 2011,” Long writes. “They are long-term investors who have made thousands of dollars (some as much as $1 million) from investing in Apple.”

“Main Street investors aren’t giving up now,” Long writes. “CNNMoney has kept in touch with dozens of ‘average Joe and Jane’ investors over the years. In an informal survey this week, nearly 85% said they had not sold any shares of the stock in the past year. That’s backed up by data from Openfolio, a social networking app for investors with 65,000 members. Openfolio hasn’t seen a decline in Apple stock ownership recently.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As long as you’re not selling, what’s not to love about a deep discount sale?

Apple ended last quarter with $232.9 billion in cash plus marketable securities, a sequential increase of $17.2 billion in the 91-day period.


  1. Icahn got out of APPL because he had too (needed the cash from his one solid investment, to cover his losses in the others!). He will come back prior to the next run up, assuming he has the cash!

    1. And pretty sure that Icahn got out in February. It was last week that he publicly stated that he had sold in February. It was not a response to the earnings call.

  2. Bought in 2007. Stock still up 800%. Dividend reinvestment has added another 12% of stock into the holding.
    Compared to my 401K the growth is 4-5 times higher for the same period.
    So I get that buy other stocks may produce higher stock value growth but I prefer to invest in a company that makes real money not hype.

  3. “Apple ended last quarter with $232.9 billion in cash plus marketable securities, a sequential increase of $17.2 billion in the 91-day period.”
    Surprisingly, Apple makes so much money, there is no other company coming closed to it; however, the Apple stock perpetual undervalued is a mystery for a reasons nobody knows. Only GOD knows why?.

  4. Bought my first Mac in 1985 and my first shares in 1995 and have never sold any.
    I think the Wall Street types suffer from a collective form of fiscal ADHD

    1. It’s already well documented that WallNut Street suffers from massive addiction to stimulant drugs. Read through the symptoms of cocaine psychosis and see if they sound familiar:

      • hallucinations
      • extreme paranoia and anxiety
      • extreme auspiciousness
      • delusions
      • violent behaviors
      • anger
      • irritability
      • impatience
      • edginess
      • delirium . . .

      Keep this list in mind the next time you read Apple bear bullshit from WallNut Street analcysts.

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