Apple: We have the ‘most effective security organization in the world’

“Apple said in a press briefing [on Friday] that it has the ‘most effective security organization in the world,’ and discussed multiple layers of iPhone security on both the hardware and software side to underscore this point,” Lauren Goode reports for The Verge.

“The press briefing with Apple engineers was highly technical, including details that were previously undisclosed and in some cases might require deep knowledge of security protocol to understand,” Goode reports. “But it doesn’t take a degree in CS to understand the timing and relevance of the briefing: Apple is currently at odds with the U.S. government over the issue of encryption. While the government is exerting pressure on Apple to make the iPhone less secure and to cooperate when it comes to obtaining crucial digital information, the company is adamant that doing so would compromise the privacy and security of consumers.”

“Apple used today’s briefing to hammer that point home and to point out that it can build security into every level, because it controls the entire phone,” Goode reports. “Apple engineers said in today’s briefing that threats are evolving as technology is evolving, and that the company believes data security to be fundamental to personal safety and health as a society going forward.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Thank God that the world’s most valuable company is protecting us against Big Brother, instead of facilitating it.

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  1. This headline is from Fox News, one of many different news sites I read. Before I get blasted I read CNN, BBC, AP, AFP and Navy Times to name a few.
    “ABSCAM agents to FBI chief: Bureau’s ‘reputation’ on the line i Clinton probe”

    I’d say the reputation of the FBI is being ruined by their insistence on challenging the Bill of Rights.

    1. Two things:
      1) the FBI is NOT investigating Hillary Clinton. Period. They are investigating the usage is a certain email server and two of Hillary Clinton’s staff from when she was Secretary of State. The headlines that say it is a Clinton investigation are wrong and only designed to get people to click on them. Articles that state, or directly imply, that the FBI has opened an investigation with regard to Hillary Clinton herself are either bad reporting by getting the facts wrong or are intentionally misleading the reader.

      The other point more relevant to the above article is that Apple saying they’re *the* “most effective” at security is just plain stupid and even hazardous to its customers. Apple has now painted a very prominent target on all Apple devices–not just iPhones. A huge fraction of the black hat world will take this as a direct challenge to their self perceived superiority to *any* company’s security.

      We need to look no further than that the few annual black hat and gray hat get together a in which it it most loudly proclaimed when someone hacks an Apple device. Sure, Microsoft based devices get hacked as well as Linux and Android and the rest. But, who gets the biggest prizes and who gets the most publicity/fame? Those that beat Apple.

      Expect a few zero day exploits in the coming weeks/months just because is this proclamation by Apple.

        1. Private e-mail servers were not considered a crime and, in fact, were all the rage for quite some time. The Bush Administration and VP Dick Cheney both had private e-mail servers. More than 22 million e-mails, some discussing very classified defense-related matters were “accidentally” destroyed. You have “the google” look it up and stop making such an ass of yourself.

          1. I couldn’t care less about “the rage….”, what level of fad it may have been at one time and most importantly, who it may have been that owned a private email server. Been a cleared government security professional for years and any system, regardless of person or political affiliation that is implemented to circumvent due oversight or the law is illegal, period! Hell, even the lowest ranking members of the military are warned/outright threatened that unauthorized usage/communication on a secured network could land you in jail!

            1. THANK YOU! As a prior service member who had Top Secret SCI clearance, I can tell you, if I had done anything remotely close to what Hillary did I would be rotting in Ft. Leavenworth right now.

            2. You miss the point. No one considered it a crime until they decided that Hillary using one would be just the right amount of “red meat” to throw to the Conservative lions who bluster on all day about any wild hair they happen to find on their ass. Oh yeah, BENGAZI! Now that investigation was a waste of our tax dollars. Of course, the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. For conservatives, ignorance is bliss!

          1. A moral person knows when they did something wrong. They don’t need society to label them as a criminal. Conviction is a process where society lays the blame directly on the person accused. A moral person doesn’t shirk responsibility for their actions nor hide behind loopholes in the law.

        2. Pretend that George W Bush and his gang of thieves, liars and mass murderers didn’t do the same thing. What about those 28 pages of classified information that proove that Bush caused 9/11?

      1. Most black hat actors go after the LEAST secure systems with the BIGGEST pay off. Just like a criminal seeing an alarm system in a house, the more Apple promotes its security (and follows through on it, of course) the less of a target they will be for most hackers.

        And the most motivated hackers, usually government actors, would be trying to hack Apple anyway and would already be well aware of its security practices having come up against them.

        The whole point of modern security is you should be able to disclose the methods you are using, and get feedback from the white hat community, to ensure the security is hard.

        Hiding security practices just results in mistakes being made and not found – except by black hat actors.

      2. What we need is this:

        – Commonsense Private Email Server Control.
        – Address Private Email Servers, including comprehensive background checks, cracking down on illegal Private Mail Server traffickers, holding Private Email Server dealers and manufacturers accountable when they endanger Americans, and keeping Private Email Servers out of the hands of domestic abusers and Secretaries of State.
        – Convene a White House Summit on Private Email Servers after the Benghazi tragedy.
        – Enact the Private Email Server Bill, to institute federal background checks on some Private Email Server sales.
        – Sponsor and vote for legislation to close the Private Email Server trade show loophole by requiring criminal background checks on all transactions taking place at events that sell Private Email Server.
        – Vote against the dangerous immunity protections Congress provided Private Email Server dealers and manufacturers that prevent victims of national security data theft from holding negligent manufacturers and dealers accountable.
        – Sponsor and vote for legislation to extend and reinstate the Private Email Servers ban.
        – Make straw purchasing a federal crime. When an individual with a clean record buys a Private Email Server with the intention of giving it to a Government Employee—only so that Government Employee can have plausible deniability—it should be a crime.

        TRUMP 2016
        JOIN NRA.ORG

      3. Hillary has an upcoming appointment with the FBI over her illegal use of a private email server. Yes, I know Condi and others did it- that does not make it right.
        It is illegal to lie to an FBI agent. Maybe another Clinton will perjure themselves and lose their law license.

        Hillary charged with perjury would be the best thing this year since Fat Tony checking out.

    2. Did you know that there is more meaning in life than clinging to the one time that you thought you did something that mattered? The Vietnam War is over. Isn’t it time that you come home and let go of your misguided notions of right and wrong? You were an unwitting fool to fight in that war and now are still keeping the idiotic government line that there are enemies under every rock. The CIA was the enemy and still is the number one enemy of the world. They are evil and clueless about morality and justice.

        1. Instead of destroying things like soldiers do, I taught electrical engineering to over a thousand students. These are the people who make the lifestyle you enjoy when you came back from your destruction. There are those who destroy and those who create. Revel in what you created rather than what you destroyed.

            1. Which part don’t you believe, the part where I advocate building rather than destroying or the part where I inform you that I am all about improving this world?

            2. This is very interesting! I have read many people’s comments about your posts and read that they called you a troll. I have been on this site posting for years and this is the very first time that I have been called a troll. Curious, isn’t it?

  2. I can’t believe the stupidity of believing that without physical security of the device, data can be protected. Access is JUST delayed.
    Secondly, everyone needs to calm down and decide WHICH DATA is important/essential to the security given by our constitution. Only then can companies design appropriate privacy protection.
    Finally, all talk at this time is either political or business marketing blather.

    1. What gender will grey and no style be accepted by- woman ARE not falling for that look. Notice the only woman is styling with color and shorts… maybe seeing that color and style as the future was the reason the sledgehammer was found.

  3. Apple should of watched the 60 minutes report that appeared on CBS on Sunday, April 17, 2016 before claiming to have the highest security system available.

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