Apple Watch 2 to look like original on the outside

“Every other year, Apple redesigns its iPhones,” Caitlin McGarry reports for Macworld. “It looks like the Apple Watch will be on the same biennial hardware overhaul schedule, if KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is on target (and he usually is).”

“Kuo notes that the second-gen model will have ‘limited changes to form factor design,'” McGarry reports. “Expect internal improvements, though Kuo didn’t say what those might be. We can guess, though. Reports last summer indicated that an Apple Watch 2 was already in the works with a Wi-Fi chip that would allow the watch to function on its own without an iPhone nearby. That would make the device a whole lot more useful than it is now. (The watch can currently connect to a Wi-Fi network that its paired iPhone has used before, but can’t connect to a Wi-Fi network on its own.)”

McGarry reports, “Rumor has it Apple has also considered the addition of a FaceTime camera, though I can’t imagine ever using something like that.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What’s so difficult about imagining a FaceTime-capable Apple Watch? Sure seems pretty useful to us.

Also, it certainly would be useful to be able to join unknown Wi-Fi networks directly from the Apple Watch.


  1. A FaceTime Apple Watch would be difficult to hold up at the right angle and look goofy while you talk to it and be very tiring to hold up like that. Everyone seems to want a Dick Tracy watch but have no clue as to its utility. Watches are best used at a glance and not as a phone or a window into the internet.

  2. With all the privacy issues raised with google glass doesn’t it now become Apple’s issues if they put Facetime on their watch? Maybe not but I am sure there will be concern.

  3. Jony, Apple Watch 2 has to be thinner for me to buy one…hope you are listening. Version 1, I will whack it on everything. It needs to function standalone as an iPod, not a phone. Even Samsung thought that thru. Currently, it is a 40-something device designed by 40-somethings…teenagers won’t appreciate it unless it is streamlined and cool. I am not against two design versions, but it needs to be seamless. Keep in mind the guy who runs the watch division(forgot his name) looks and dresses like a guy who would wear a thick, square watch.

    1. I thought the Apple Watch looked kind of big and too thick when I first saw it, but when I held my Citizen Eco-Drive up to it, I was surprised that they are about the same thickness and cover about the same area on my wrist. I think it’s just a form factor we’re not used to. After wearing it for about a year, it looks pretty normal.

    2. ” It needs to function standalone as an iPod, not a phone.”

      It does. It has 4GB of storage and even supports Apple Music streaming (including Beats 1) when on WiFi (even without the iPhone around).

  4. Even though, IMO, the Apple Watch is an expensive and pointless POS… if you’re expecting innovation from lazy Tim Cook, you could easily die and go straight to hell before that ever happens.

    1. Apple’s plan is to incrementally add needed and necessary features and functions so that by the time your grandkids have grandkids the Apple Watch will achieve mass appeal and usefulness.

  5. How about a louder speaker so you don’t have to hold the watch up to your ear, just to hear the voice on the other end of the call? That’s not asking too much.

    They finally got the speakers right in the iPad Pro.

    It’s actually sounds very very good.

    Next the phone and watch? Fingers crossed….

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