Apple’s fight with U.S. government over privacy enters a new round

“Apple Inc.’s fight over privacy with the U.S. isn’t over yet, even after the government dropped a demand for the company’s help in accessing a California shooter’s iPhone because someone else found a way to crack it,” Christie Smythe and Chris Strohm report for Bloomberg.

“The U.S. said it will keep fighting to get the company’s help in getting data off a phone in Brooklyn, New York, that belonged to a drug dealer because Apple provided assistance in accessing such devices earlier. In a court filing Friday, the government said it’s going ahead with an appeal of a judge’s order denying its request for Apple’s help,” Smythe and Strohm report. “The battle between the world’s most valuable tech company and the U.S. over encryption and data privacy has sparked a national debate, with dozens of companies and organizations siding with Apple, while law enforcement has generally taken the government’s side.”

“It’s far from certain that the Justice Department will prevail on appeal, said Timothy Edgar, a senior fellow at the Watson Institute for International Studies and Public Affairs at Brown University. After U.S. investigators managed to crack the California phone, a Brooklyn judge will ‘likely be skeptical that they don’t have a way to break into this phone either,’ he said in a phone interview,” Smythe and Strohm report. “In the pivotal clash over privacy rights, the Brooklyn judge called a U.S. argument that the company is required to cooperate under a 1789 statute called the All Writs Act ‘obnoxious to the law.’ … If there’s a master strategy at work for the Justice Department, it might be that it’s seeking to appeal and lose, Edgar said. Then, ‘they could go to Congress and get legislation’ that would impose more requirements on companies to help with investigations, he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, Congress will listen to the few techie members they have and not follow the whims of vapid career politicians like Diane Feinstein and Richard Burr who have no idea what they’re dealing with.

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    The fight is actually between We The People and our own criminal US government. I say ‘criminal’ because #MyStupidGovernment is consistently undermining and ignoring the US Constitution. At stake are the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

    Apple is merely upholding the US Constitution, as should the rest of We The People. Would that every US corporation cared about the fundamental rights of their customers!

    But will this plain fact penetrate into the pundit’s and analcyst’s heads? No. Because it’s too abstract and not controversial enough to entice and lure in the *clicks*. 😛

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