Apple could be moving their iCloud servers in-house

“China-based server brand vendor Inspur has been rumored to have entered Apple’s datacenter supply chain, but the rumor has been confirmed neither by Apple nor Inspur,” Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“Currently, Apple mainly uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its datacenter need,” Lee and Tsai report, “but the company is considering establishing its own datacenters to satisfy increasing demand and reduce expenses.”

“Since Inspur is supported by the China government,” Lee and Tsai report, “many IT players including Microsoft, LG Electronics, Ericsson, Intel, IBM, SAP, VMware, Nvidia and RedHat, have formed partnerships with the China-based server vendor, looking to quickly expand in China’s server market.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The more Apple controls, the better! Viva, privacy!

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  1. One would think Apple will use its own servers eventually after building all those data centers. I didn’t think they were just for show. Apple doesn’t host any other companies’ data needs.

    As much money as Apple makes, I’d think they should be able to keep pace with their own growth for storage services. It’s been said Apple’s storage needs had grown so quickly maybe they can’t keep up using their own internal growth plans. Apple knew they’d have a lot of devices to support in the future so they should have been well-prepared.

  2. Please MDN and everyone else. Don’t call it individual Privacy. It is individual Security. Privacy is not a strong enough word for what is at stake. The phrase was coined by the government to imply that Government Security is more important that individual privacy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. National Security and Private Security are both based on the foundation of more secure data; not less.

  3. One wonders what took so long for Apple to realize the criticality of owning & managing its iCloud. The people who put complete faith in Apple’s iCloud need to wake up and realize that Apple has outsourced it and offers no user guarantee for privacy or security. None!!!!

    The iCloud might be fine for storing music and media. but users with any important information should question why he really wants to open up his security to rely on any company’s cloud. With minimal effort and cost, anyone can host their own private cloud and VPN. Personal security requires personal responsibility. Apple users can be just as lax and naive, perhaps moreso, than the average non-Apple computing users.

  4. I’d seriously like to know what Apple never took ALL of its iCloud services in-house before now. I’m betting there’s a tale to tell about why they’ve been reluctant to do so. This issue smells more fishy as time goes on.

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