Yahoo for sale as bidders line up; CEO Marissa Mayer is likely toast

“Yahoo is for sale, and bidders are lining up to grab their own, ever-shrinking piece of Internet history. The once-great Internet pioneer is entertaining offers…reluctantly. CEO Marissa Mayer would like to see Yahoo through its struggles, but impatient investors are looking for a way to cash out,” David Goldman reports for CNNMoney. “Yahoo has reportedly given interested parties until April 18 to make their offers. The company is expected to fetch something like $8 billion for its core Internet business.”

“Media companies, such as the Daily Mail and Time Inc., are reportedly thinking of making an offer,” Goldman reports. “Technology companies, such as Google and Microsoft, are also reportedly looking into bidding for other pieces… Verizon could also be a player… Private equity firms General Atlantic, TPG and KKR are also widely reported to be considering buying Yahoo.”

“What will happen to Marissa Mayer?” Goldman reports. “Either way, Mayer is probably toast. Mayer has led the fight to keep Yahoo on its current path, butting heads with Starboard and other investors pushing for a sale. She’ll almost certainly be ousted, regardless of the outcome. If Mayer is fired as a result of a sale, she could get a golden parachute exit package worth about $37 million. If Yahoo isn’t sold, and she’s given the boot, she would take home about $12.5 million.”

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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
MacDailyNews Take: Mayer took on an impossible job and deserves credit for staying with the thing when it would have been easy to simply walk away from the mess she inherited.

Marissa Mayer would be a wonderful CEO with the right company.

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  1. No tears for Marissa, her golden parachute is going to be worth more than most of us will make in our lifetimes.

    PS, she should have bought Hulu when she had the chance.

          1. Why would I? If you’re trying to make a point you failed miserably, lacking the ability of how to make a point. However if you’re attracted to Tim Cook as you seem to be and find him sexually desirable go right ahead and say so. Hardly matters what job they have.

            1. Not to wade into a political correctness debate, but you just don’t see male executives openly assessed on their sexual attractiveness.

              As for Cook, he seems to be going out of his way to be a poster boy for gay rights instead of spending 100% of his efforts making Apple the most competitive electronics maker in all the categories it chooses to compete (iOS may be fine, Cook seems to have abandoned the iPods, the Macs, Airports, and Mac accessories).

              While I like Yahoo and think many of their products are as good or better than the competition, I have no sympathy for Mayer. She seemed to go out of her way to portray a preened fashionista rock-star CEO/parent image rather than deliver business performance. Her basic business sense was horrid. Business facts don’t lie — she set herself up for all the criticism coming at her now.

    1. Wink, nudge, right, MDN and the rest of us have been doing that for a while now and having a ball. Nothing wrong with that mind you: human nature and all. Just, a CEO that one can identify with, or at least lust after, seems preferable (at least to the idle-ocracy of the internet) to be preferable to even a profound supply-chain genius who’s succeeding despite lacking the charisma to bewitch Wall Street the way the sainted Steve Jobs once did. Uh, wait…

  2. Guess her big idea of doing away with telecommuting for all the serfs while having a nursery built for her own brats in her office didn’t work out very well.

      1. There will always be contentious debate about the direct conflict between being an effective executive and being an effective parent. I don’t think there are many examples of anyone successfully doing both at the same time. If you want to “have it all”, you really need to plan to achieve great things in series, not in parallel and definitely not in the limelight as Mayer chose to do.

  3. Read her interviews, her grasp of what management demands is too naïve and unfortunately so are the people she hired to help her.

    Maybe she could tame the App Store mess of not being able to find anything, but she hasn’t proofed she is capable of strategic maneuvers.

  4. The Board should have thrown the 12.5M at Mayer long ago, had Security pack her crap and mail it home and send her back to Google where she came from via a yellow colored taxi long before the talk of “for sale” came into being! $7M spent on a freakin party and giving smartphones to all employees and having Yahoo! pay for the damn cell/data bills is just a bit too much of excess regardless of who the CEO is. Now the spoiled employees are gonna be subjected to pink slips after being introduced to their new task masters who will now demand things of them in stead of giving!

  5. She was passed over for promotion at Google for a reason.
    She did nothing useful at Yahoo.
    Why would anyone think she would be a good CEO anywhere?

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