April is Apple’s darkest month

“To be fair, Apple looks this vulnerable every April,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes. “This is the cycle of the mobile industry. Unless it is disrupted, Android reaches its peak just as Apple falls into a trough. There’s a natural tendency to look at the short-term trends on the graph and extrapolate the rise of Android against the fall of Apple – which also fits in the tendency to frame a story around winners and losers. The perception that Apple will fall at some point, so why not now?”

“April has traditionally been a dark month for Apple, but this year is different. Tim Cook has set out to flatten the wave that Apple rides with new products that are attractive to demographics other than ‘the high-flying must buy everything that Apple makes’ crowd,” Spence writes. “He is solidifying the product line-up, and he is looking to retain as many customers as possible through dependable upgrades. It’s not pretty, it’s not visionary, but it’s clinically effective.”

Spence writes, “It might be a dark month, but Tim Cook and his team are hard at working building a torch that can run all year round, not just in one very bright autumnal month.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s nowhere for Apple to go now, but up!


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