A real lifesaver: Apple Watch saves lives

“According to British tabloid The Sun a man’s life has been saved by his Apple Watch,” Ian Morris reports for Forbes. “The paper reports that Dennis Anselmo, a 62-year-old builder, felt “terrible” after taking lunch. Anselmo had a rest, and during that time looked at his Apple Watch, checking his pulse. He discovered that it was well over twice what it should be, registering 210 beats per minute.”

“Anselmo then called for an ambulance, and at hospital was later told that had he gone home he may well have died,” Morris reports. “Instead the doctors were able to clear his arterial blockage and he’s now doing well. And Anselmo isn’t the first person to claim that their Apple Watch has saved their life either.”

“Paul Houle Jr, a 17-year-old student from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, had a similar experience with his watch back in September 2015,” Morris reports. “It’s safe to say that the Apple Watch helped alert Houle to the problem, and may well have saved his life.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you don’t have an Apple Watch yet, you’re not only missing out, but you may in fact be risking your life!

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  1. Back in the day people how did people check their pulses without Apple Watches? How many people perished because they could not count the number of pulses per minute? Now, with Apple Watch, you can forgo higher mathematics and common sense and let the Apple Watch count them out for you.

    Moral of the story: if you too stupid or lazy or mathematically challenged to assess your pulses using common sense, buy an Apple Watch.

        1. Meaning if no pulse is detected you are dead, asystolic, or tachycardic. In any event death is inevitable or imminent. Obviously, a sign of no pulse is critical and can be detected with and without an Apple Watch.

    1. The ability to visually see that something is very wrong and get to the hospital is very important. Even doctors ignore their own symptoms. It’s not being lazy or stupid when your resting heart rate takes off and you don’t understand what is going on because you’ve become disoriented.

      1. If a person is too disoriented how would they recognize what data the Apple Watch is recording? Wouldn’t they be just as dead or endangered whether the Apple Watch was worn or not?

  2. Apple Watch, recording your last moments on earth. What you do with these data is entirely up to you. Whether you can act to save your life is debatable. No one who ever died with an Apple Watch strapped to their wrist will ever be mentioned here at MDN. For all we know for every one person with an Apple Watch who was successfully resuscitated a hundred others died.

  3. Two months after bying an apple watch, I had a heart-crisis with extremly flat and unregular pulse. This was not detectable by just feeling the pulse using the fingers, but the watch did it! So I was alerted just in time to take a medicament. Then I could observe with the watch, how the the pulse went down and normalised. At that time I could not have found a doc, it was sunday morning 2:00…(Switzerland)

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