Apple’s iPad finds strong uptake in restaurants and stores

“Apple has often touted the millions of consumers who have switched from Windows PCs to Macs and from Android devices to iPhones,” Troy Wolverton reports for The San Jose Mercury News. “But there’s another, growing group of customers who are switching to Apple devices that the company hasn’t talked a lot about — owners of restaurants and retail stores.”

“Giuseppe Carrubba is one of them. About two years ago, he replaced all the cash registers in the three restaurants and nine cafes he and his brother own in the Bay Area with iPads,” Wolverton reports. “His only regret? ‘Not switching three years earlier,’ said Carruba, who owns the Mount Hamilton Grandview restaurant. ‘It would have saved me a lot of time and a lot of stress.'”

“Carruba is among the thousands of business owners small, medium and large who are ditching old-style push-button cash registers and even newer touch screen-based ones for iPads,” Wolverton reports. “The iPad has ‘completely revolutionized that market,’ said Rhoda Alexander, director of tablet and notebook research at IHS Technology, a consulting firm.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Behold, Apple’s revolutionary iPad!

If you don’t have an iPad, yet, you’re missing out!


  1. I’m fairly certain Wall Street has already declared the iPad a dead product which will supposedly be replaced with Surface Pros. They’ve said no one buys iPads anymore especially those users who already have an older one. iPads are too expensive when you can get an awesomely amazing $50 Amazon Fire tablet that can do EVERYTHING an iPad can.


  2. I have been saying for years now the biggest problem with iPad is that writers don’t understand what jobs it can be great at. Those in the jobs don’t write professionally to explain thir needs. The iPad is not good for doing a lot of writing, even the new pros. The MacBook is great for writers on the go. Writing code is impossible on it. This is good. The iPad can bring computers to jobs and places that have been left out of the computer revolution. Unfortunately people write what they know. Tech writers can’t see how a iPad can be used in the workplace because they suck in an office environment. Programmers don’t see the need for the apps. Investors tend to back what is proven. I think Tim Cook is optimistic because of the IBM deal. They can provide services that Apple doesn’t have. Seeing iPads in Restaurants is great at letting other professionals know the iPad is more than toy. When major hospitals start using them then they will take off. First doctors offices will start to use them as they have been proven to work. Than other businesses will take them seriously because people trust their doctors. Then investors will start paying for apps to be written. Unfortunately I believe a lot of tech writers will never understand it and continue to denie it has any use at all.

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