“The publicist who helped Steve Jobs launch the first Macintosh in the 1980s says Apple failed to get ahead of the story in its iPhone encryption fight with the FBI,” Amina Elahi reports for The Chicago Tribune. “”

“[Andy] Cunningham led communications for the first Macintosh launch in 1984 and was portrayed by Sarah Snook in Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs. She’s scheduled to be in Chicago April 7, speaking at Merchandise Mart tech hub 1871 about how innovative companies should be marketed,” Elahi reports. “She thinks Apple hasn’t done enough to convince people what’s at stake. ‘Everybody talks about this being a privacy issue and, to me, it’s not privacy at all,’ she said. ‘It’s a precedent case.'”

“Apple should have worked harder to make the debate about the precedent it would set for future government actions to coerce private companies, she said. ‘You could imagine a situation in China, for example, where the government wants a company to develop a bomb that they don’t want to develop,’ Cunningham said,” Elahi reports. “If Steve Jobs were heading Apple today, Cunningham suspected he would probably take the same side of the debate that Cook has — but that Jobs would differ in one key respect. ‘I think he would’ve spent more time framing the issue for the (public) than I think they’ve done so far,’ Cunningham said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re too close to this and have cover this far too extensively to say whether or not Apple effectively established with the general public that this is about setting a very bad precedent. What do you think?