Alleged leaked ‘iPhone 7’ images reveal new case design

“The first purported leak of the case design for the iPhone 7 appeared yesterday on French blog,” Tim Hardwick reports for MacRumors.

“The alleged images from Taiwanese phone case manufacturer Catcher Technology depict a subtle chassis redesign for the iPhone 7, which is expected to be released by Apple this coming September,” Hardwick reports. “The renders are consistent with information obtained by MacRumors last month from a previously reliable source claiming that the handset will lack antenna bands across the rear. As expected, the images show antenna bands are limited to the sides and around the top and bottom edges of the chassis.”

“In addition to the cleaner all-metal look, the images of the rear of the case depict a larger hole for the camera,” Hardwick reports. “The chassis leaker adds that the design ‘seems slightly thinner than the iPhone 6s, confirming in passing the lack of a headphone jack port.'”

iPhone 7 rear case rendering by Steve Hemmerstoffer (Image:
iPhone 7 rear case rendering (Image:

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Flush camera!


    1. It’s clearly identified —— to everyone but you, I guess —— as a rendering and as an image, not a photograph. So, your comment is mindless and meaningless.

      1. You guys are missing the biggest news here. As MDN pointed out – Flush Camera!
        If this “rendering” is accurate that would be awesome!
        I think camera bumps are stupid. If apple can’t make a thinner camera that performs, then thicken the case and add more battery. I hate camera bumps!

    2. I’ve been a 6 Plus owner since day 1. Never upgraded last year: not enough of a change.

      I have to day that Apple’s use of metal is getting long in the tooth. So much aluminum. It’s not friendly and bends, dents, and scratches far too easily.

      I go back and fire up my Clamsell iBook sometimes and always marvel at how robust it is and great feeling. Polycarbonate and rubber.

      I’m looking for some real change Apple. I want a NEW phone. A phone that doesn’t require a case. That’s strong and resistent to the elements. One that looks sexy. I want a screen that doesn’t wash out in daylight. At least a few days worth of solid battery life. Wireless charging too…

      I can continue to live with your glorified Palm OS operating system. But the materials and design of the phone need to change. Sadly, they won’t because lots of people buy the iPhone. So Apple has no real pressure to radically change.

    1. Ha! You’re right, but in Apple’s defense, all they really had to do was get rid of the camera bump and hide the ugly antenna lines (What were you thinking Jonny).. Even XiaoMi knew that..

      1. Xiaomi has been copying Apple for years. They knew nothing. Have you even bothered to look at the industrial espionage knock-off Xiaomi products that are released just a few weeks before Apple’s product announcements? They are amazingly prescient about what Apple’s new products are going to look like. It’s easy when you have someone sneak a photo off of Apple’s assembly line which have been running for months already.

        1. I don’t think they’re that prescient. They (and Samsung) just look at what Apple did last Fall, and get to release their device in Spring the following year, knowing that Apple won’t release a new phone for 6 months. All the comparisons of S7 to iPhone6s play into this strategy. When Apple releases their 2016 phone, we can assume it will blow the S7 away, but that won’t happen for 6 months. XiaoMi is doing everything they can to get credit for their design decisions.

          1. BS. They take photographs of whats coming off the assembly lines. They’ve done it for years. They are identical in looks. They release in the second week of August, usually. It is well known that Xiaomi pays ZIP for the intellectual property they use in their devices. That’s how they can undercut every other maker in price.

            1. Xiaomi released a look alike line for the iPhone 6 and 6 plus in mid August when Apple was making announcements in September. Samsung’s phones usually come out in April with announcements in February. They’ve moved their schedule up this year. I posted the release day pricing of the Samsung S6 and Edge in comparison to the iPhone 6 line when people were complaining about how expensive the iPhones were. The Samsungs were more expensive.

            2. I think you don’t know much about the Mi5.

              The hardware development of the mi5 is an in house development, one of their first really independent one BTW. In the last 1~2 years it’s more Apple that copies ideas from MS, Google and others than the opposite. I regret it and would appreciate a bit more originality from Apple but alas…

              The presence of Hugo Barra as VP for Xiaomi has contributed a lot to that new phone and it’s features.

              MIUI is still “inspired” a lot by iOS but the phone itself is just a very nice piece of original engineering.

              Your fidelity to Apple is remarkable, but credits go to those who deserve them… Even if it pains you

  1. Fake or not, I just hope the camera is not protruding…very un-Apple like. I will go bigger if it is slick in my pocket. My 5c is 2 1/2yrs old and works like a champ, especially in a woodworking shop.

    1. The bump only affects iPhone without cases. I went without a case for the first time with my 4S. Never again. Harder hold, significantly more dinged up after 2 years. I rarely see iPhone (or any phone) in the wild without some sort of case. And with a case the bump means nothing.

  2. If the iPhone 7 is not radically different from the 6 and 6S, and also has the added deficit of the unnecessary removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, then sales will be lackluster as it will be the same phone in looks, only butchered in features!

    You couldn’t even imagine a CEO worse than Tim Cook… even if you tried hard every single day. The ONLY thing this guy excels at better than anyone else on this earth is f*ucking sh*t up!

    1. I get that you’re upset about something, but your name calling doesn’t prove anything. Tim Cook is definitely NOT Steve Jobs, but then again, no one is Steve Jobs right now. Tim has some big shoes to fill and dammit, he’s doing great! Apple had the best iPhone sales ever under Tim Cook, twice! He’s fighting the biggest bully in the world (U.S. Gov’t) to keep our privacy and security a top level priority. I don’t see you making a single point with your bitching, so I’ll end this here.
      Grow up, and grow a brain! You obviously don’t know shit about shit.

      1. @Brandon (whose last name sounds like a disease)

        It would be hard for any researcher to aggregate and and thoroughly document precisely all the mistakes that Cook has made in the last five years… THAT’S HOW MANY THERE ARE!

        Now lets talk about his other attributes:

        He’s incompetent
        He’s arrogant
        He uses his position to work as a gay rights activist
        He promotes Apple as his own gay company
        He’s an attention whore
        He’s narrow minded
        He’s a hypocrite

        And many believe that those are his good qualities.

        In summation, Brandon my boy, as CEO of Apple Tim Cook has been a neverending nightmare!

    2. TO call you offensive would be an insult to all the offensive people on earth. From your username right through the end of your comment is a person that barely qualifies as human. Get some help. You are a pretty sick puppy. Or is it a cockroach?

      1. Have to agree. That sort of post is the most repugnant aspect of the internet age. Anonymous people spewing crap that they’d never have the courage to say to someone’s face. The typical screed that comes out of cowards.

  3. Nothing to do with this, but looking at the camera reminds me that I saw someone take a photo with the FaceTime camera. Not a selfie, they were pointing it at the subject like you would with the iSight camera and taking the picture by leaning around to line it up then touching the screen to take the photo! Now I suppose the isight camera might have been broken, but if nothing else it also highlighted to me that most people seem to have no clue you can use the + volume button to take photos.

    1. Yes, the volume-up button is the natural shutter button, except that the picture taken that way comes out upside down. If you live in the all-apple environment, this never comes up, but once you e-mail that picture to a Windows sufferer, it ends up upside-down, because, for some completely unexplainable reason, iPhone takes right-side-up image when home button is to the right (and volume buttons at the bottom). EXIF data will record the orientation, so when you snap a picture with the phone turned the other way round, the photo will display correctly in most software that knows how to read EXIF information from inside the file. Many Windows e-mail applications don’t know how to do this and simply display image as-is.

      I am truly curious to find out why on earth did Apple’s engineering team decide that the right-side-up for the widescreen images (and videos) is the wrong way? No wonder nobody ever tries to use the volume button as a shutter release — the picture comes upside down that way!

      1. I doubt that’s the reason the majority of people don’t use that button, I don’t see people orienting their phones the correct way up when using the screen shutter button. If they were that savvy we wouldn’t get videos recorded in portrait.

  4. Personally if they’re to dump the headphone port I won’t really mind. Currently I have a cheap little bluetooth receive that I plug various headphone into to make them bluetooth. They’re still effectively wired, but at least my phone is not tethered to them and it’s cheaper than replacing multiple sets of perfectly good headphones. I would like them to include a solid pair of bluetooth earbuds though rather than an adapter, but that’s just me – although I suppose the former would increase the price.

      1. Eventually wireless charging (like the Apple Watch) and a wifi-to-iTunes sync option will let the phone lose all ports. That would make water proofing easier.

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