Donald Trump seems to have given up his Apple boycott

“Three weeks ago, Donald Trump announced an impromptu boycott of Apple products ‘until such time as Apple gives cellphone info to authorities regarding radical Islamic terrorist couple from Cal,'” Russell Brandom reports for The Verge.

“But three weeks down the line, Mr. Trump seems to have forgotten about the boycott entirely,” Brandom reports. “In the past 24 hours, Trump has tweeted from an iPhone at least four times, as confirmed by Twitter’s own metadata.”

Brandom reports, “Trump has also made almost no mention of the boycott in recent appearances, despite extensive appearances at debates, interviews and campaign speeches.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Shocking.

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  1. Trump can say two different things on two different days and it makes no difference to his supports. And I am not talking years ago. Even in the same week. Single star me all you want. I use to like Trump. Then I started paying close attention to what he says.

    1. I listened to his speech today and I was stunned. I used to think he was just saying whatever he needed to, to get elected, and I prefer him to Clinton because I though he could get something done about these awful trade deals, but after hearing his speech, and the completely out of control hate he’s spewing, it really scares me. If he told the audience to kill a protester, I believe they would do it on the spot. Mob mentality.

  2. Makes no difference to his army of low information voters. He could talk about murdering puppies and they’d be Ok with it because hey, at least he’s speaking his mind.

    Idiocracy has arrived.

  3. Is Trump ADD? I know this is a problem, and would explain his change of course.

    Also he might have been taking advantage of free media, which would explain every single thing he’s said. He’s spent the least among all the candidates. He’s not a billionaire for nothing.

    I am not giving him any credit, because the things he said have been nasty and unworthy of our presidency. I simply feel this is a game for him, to tell his friend, years from now.

  4. Trump is master of the Internet meme, opinion maker extraordinaire. The ratings for his current reality show, The Presidency, transcend those of his top-rated TV show The Apprentice. His emotional intelligence is off the charts; were it not so, his gaffes and insults would have doomed him. Instead, he aligns with a silent majority of the disaffected. Some of them never voted before, but they will vote for him now. The rest will vote for him because he jabbed a finger in the eyes of the so-called public servants in government that padded their own nests, or reneged on their campaign promises, or that turned out to be a bunch of dicks. I think that accounts for all of them.

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