Former CIA Director: FBI wants to dictate iPhone’s operating system

“The FBI’s attempts to force Apple to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists is not just about accessing information about the attack, but changing the architecture of the device’s mobile operating system, former CIA director James Woolsey said Friday,” Tom DiChristopher reports for CNBC.

“‘The last time I looked into the language on this with some care, it did seem to me as if the FBI was trying to get a right essentially to effectively decide what kind of an operating system Apple was going to have, and that they were not just trying to get into one phone. They were trying to change some important aspect of Apple’s operating system,’ Woolsey told CNBC’s Squawk Box,” DiChristopher reports.

“The agency should not have the right to restructure Apple’s iOS in perpetuity, Woolsey said,” DiChristopher reports. “‘I don’t think they’re very good telephone designers, and I don’t think that is their cache,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Obviously Orwellian and obscenely unconstitutional.

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  1. Let me rephrase that for you:

    The agency MUST not have the right to restructure Apple’s iOS in perpetuity…”

    The rest of the world is watching you, America. You fuck this one up, you’re toast!


    1. Believe me Chas. A LOT of We The People know exactly what the FBI’s bullshit will lead to. This qualifies a government crime attempting to hide inside a veil of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. This is MY government treating We The People with SUPREME disrespect

      When any citizen’s rights are usurped, subverted, denied or buried, the terrorists WIN. We already know what that world looks like.

  2. If the FBI are successful in gaining full access to iOS and making it theirs to do with how they see fit then I encourage everyone look at the tiny Finnish company, Jolla. They are very small and just hanging on by their fingernails but they are committed to producing a secure mobile OS. Maybe that will be their salvation?

    Are there other OS options out there?

    It would be a pain in the butt to go elsewhere but to think the government would then have access to everything you say and do via your iPhone, as they do now with all other electronic traffic is discouraging.

  3. How about Apple moving off-shore where they can proceed normally without the “trust us we know what’s best and will never mis-use our power BS” will NEVER APPLY!!!

      1. Apple could keep its building and run operations from it. But all of Apple’s intellectual property would reside in whatever their country of corporate domicile is — free from the interference of hostile ‘foreign’ (like USA) governments …like the US. Personally, I vote for Ireland. Or maybe Scotland. Or Canada. Or how about Finland? Or Cuba? All pretty cool to think about.

        US Govt: you reap what you sow.

        1. I vote for Ireland too. Apple has a substantial workforce in Cork, near where I was born. I still have distant relatives nearby who’d welcome me with open arms. One of my old G4s was assembled there; it’s still in service. I like to think of rosy-cheeked young workers humming a merry tune as they were building it, and who knows? They could do so again in a world remade from the ashes of shame, if the US government prices liberty too high for Apple to remain in the Land of the Formerly Free.

  4. We are living in a time where the line of what you should or shouldn’t do, has been blurred.

    Frank Miller showed us the Dark Knight. And now we have a Superman that kills people and seems to have lost his path. Using super heroes as an example.

    What I am getting at, our culture and the agencies given the charge of keeping it intact have adopted a dark tone that puts their mission above the common good.

    I am putting some blame on Snowden. He is just a messenger, but how has the world has changed, and it doesn’t seem to be better.

    Hopefully this will pass, instead of being some new status quo for the generations.

    1. You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember…all Im offering is the truth, nothing more.

      1. I had references to Matrix in a prior edit. I see it still came through. I think we aren’t getting anywhere. We have a notion that we must fight terrorism, using all costs. The best battle is won without a fight.

        What happened in the UK? How did they settle with the IRA? I believe that is what we are up against. This won’t stop, until we get clue.

        We were on a path of oil independence. We must continue down that path. It will take care of the Middle East, and Russia. As long as oil holds value, we reap what we sow.

  5. All the gubernmint needs to do is make it compulsory for all ‘Murikans to use Winblows and Winblows Phone…. All the backdoors anyone could possible want!

    1. They had that one covered for twenty years with Windows hegemony, but things are different now. Power frowns on any change to their fortunate lives, but now the government find themselves initiating change. They are not very good at forcing social change without bungling the operation. This present scandal makes Watergate look like a third-rate burglary.

  6. oh, why shouldn’t we have faith in the fbi ?

    after all j. edgar hoover was so right about the mafia not really existing and being a figment of peoples imagination, and they only tried to blackmail martin luther king, and suggest him commit suicide otherwise they would release info on his sex life, or their co-intel program, or peddling fake science like hair fibre comparison (pre-dna) to convict innocent people, and the various scandals that have emerged about their crime lab practices in general,

    seems like the perfect organization to keep watch over everything we write, say or think…..

    oh and by the way for anyone who thinks the current overreach is something only obama would try, think again. do you seriously imagine the republicans would be doing anything differently?

    i believe not. “national security” is one of their “go-to” issues, they would not let this opportunity slip through their fingers… just keep in mind that before he denounced the fbi plan, back when he was mr. nsa, under a republican administration, michael hayden – was the prime promotor of a program entitled “T.I.A.”


    now just what the heck do you think that would have required.

    hypocrisy is an equal opportunity employer in the world of politics.

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