Apple obsoletes Mid 2010 15-Inch and 17-Inch MacBook Pros

“Apple has updated its vintage and obsolete products list with three new products: MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010), MacBook Pro (17-inch, Mid 2010), and Xserve (Early 2009),” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“The older notebooks and server rack hardware are now classified as vintage in the United States and Turkey, and obsolete in the rest of the world, according to Apple,” Rossignol reports.

“Macs and other products on the vintage and obsolete list are generally no longer eligible for hardware service,” Rossignol reports. “Apple defines vintage products as those that have not been manufactured for more than five but less than seven years ago, while obsolete products are those that were discontinued more than seven years ago.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: All good things must come to an end.


      1. Yes , the current MacPro is outdated, shows a 5 year old MP with upgraded card being 2-3 TIMES faster in GPU tasks than a current MP ($3000) and 5 times faster than a current Macbook Pro.

        Apple can keep the current cylinder for the fashionistas but re introduce the old box (with new subsystem) , call it “Mac Classic” (you know like the iPod Classic which they had for years)

        AND make a new MID TOWER MAC between the crippled Mac Mini and the crippled Mac Pro. about $1500, one multicore workstation processor, upgradable RAM, GPU, Thunderbolt 3 .
        These won’t cost much in R&D ( as people can build hackintoshes in their basements).


        (typing this on an old MP with a 3 GB card — card cost about $100+ Very few macs today have more than 2 GB, most have integrated graphics and mobile type GPUs).
        As I posted before:


        I put out my PRAYER MAT, point myself towards Cupertino and GENUFLECT chanting a mantra:

        —- (chant: ) upgrade the Mac Pro , Bring Back Old tower !
        (kowtow towards Cupertino)

        —- (chant) Mid Tower Mac ! Mid Tower Mac !
        (kowtow towards Cupertino)

        —- REPEAT chant until knees red.

        (someone said I should put out ‘crystal pyramids near my current Macs’ to help out. I said I had to make space next to my Cote and Koh voodoo dolls… ) 🙂

        ( btw I’m adding the Dormant Cyber Pathogen DA voodoo doll… )

        1. Amen Brother Dave I’ve also scoped out getting a 2012 Mac Pro 3.47Ghz 12 proc machine with Titan-X and Amfeltec Squid PCIe card (1,500 MB/sec.) which is a lot cheaper and faster then 2013 MP. But before I do that I want to see the 2016 MP and see if Apple’s learned anything or responds to complaints. The MP never should have been Jonnied down in size. But, I’m not all that hopeful.

          1. Amen Brothers,
            Amfeltec Squid PCIe offers even 5800 MB/s if you use 4x Samsung SM951 blades in RAID 0 array. Nothing can match it. For now my old trusty 2010 Mac Pro with R9 280X, 3.33 6 core processor , 64 GB RAM and couple od SSD disks is absolutely amazing. Its a workhorse worth every single buck I spent on it.

        2. hey Apple !

          every time I post this I still get bunches of support ( in spite of the fact that my fellow readers must have read my Mac rants before) so this is a something that a big portion of Pro, & serious hobbyist Mac Users want…

          build them Apple and we’ll buy … !

          (your current lineup — MacBooks etc — are pleasing some but others need something more especially upgradable components like GPU, RAM etc)

    1. My (now) vintage 2010 MacBook Pro has been maxed out with RAM and upgraded with an SSD, and then I reinstalled the HDD with an OWC DataDoubler in place of the optical drive. Best of all worlds, lots of storage and speed.
      For the rare occasions I need an optical drive I just use the external.

  1. STILL running my 2010
    13″ MBP, and it’s NOT on the list!

    I’ve got the money for a new Mac, but there’s something about this laptop. There was the time a staff member in a Turkish hotel sent it flying, all holiday we had a free tab! It was also fine. Since then it’s had a RAM upgrade and a hybrid 1TB HDD fitted. Still running like a champ.

    1. Same here.
      Not interested in buying a new MBP either.

      My 2011 27″ iMac is getting old.. But a hybrid drive made it much better. I may buy a used Mac Pro tower instead of anything new. Not being able to easily replace the HD/ram is almost a deal killer.

  2. “…no longer eligible for hardware service.”

    Got a problem with it. Take it to the landfill.
    This is the fraud of Apple’s claims to be a green company.

    1. Actually, I’d be more worried about printer manufacturers that charge $20 for a printer that includes full ink tanks, but want $15 for a Black Cartridge and $25 for a Color Cartridge. No reason to buy replacement ink when you can just buy a new printer. Now, *that’s* wasteful.

  3. Apple killed off these products but the need for them never went away. Apple would probably be surprised how much pent-up demand there would be for these vintage configurations.

    Bring back the XServe and the 17″ MBP!

  4. As I have posted before — Love my 17-inch MBP when it debuted in 2003.

    STILL running great and fingers crossed for an updated, super thin 2016-17 release.

    Bring it back, Apple … 🙂

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