“Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne, who describes himself as an ‘Apple freak,’ is keen to partner with the technology giant on building a car,” Tommaso Ebhardt reports for Bloomberg.

“Given the complexity of auto manufacturing, Apple Inc. would be better served working with an established manufacturer than trying to build a car on its own, and the Italian-American company would be well-suited, according to Marchionne, who says he owns every kind of product Apple makes,” Ebhardt reports. “Apple has been exploring the development of a car and pushing a team to begin production of an electric vehicle as early as 2020, people familiar with the effort have said. Marchionne says he understands Apple’s ‘syntax’ and is ready work on their terms, putting Fiat Chrysler in better position than rivals.”

Apple has a language, and you have to be able to speak that language. Usually the industry comes into that dialogue with a high degree of arrogance as we know how to make cars. That’s not very helpful as their syntax is worth more than our ability to build cars. — Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne

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“Marchionne said there was sufficient capacity available among car makers to deal with Apple’s requirements and it would make more sense for them to partner with a car manufacturer rather than become an actor itself in such a ‘complex busines,'” Agnieszka Flak reports for Reuters. “‘If they have any urges to make a car, I’d advise them to lie down and wait until the feeling passes,’ Marchionne told journalists. ‘Illnesses like this come and go, you will recover from them, they’re not lethal.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Smart car companies want to partner with Apple lest they get run over.

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