Apple to use Dr. Dre’s ‘Vital Signs’ to promote Apple Music

“Last Friday, news broke that Apple was actually, really, no-doubts-about-it making its own TV show,” Peter Kafka reports for Re/code. “Some kind of biographical series [“Vital Signs”] about Dr. Dre, rapper/producer/headphone maker and, crucially, Apple employee.”

“Apple has already been financing video content it uses to market Apple Music — ‘to extend Apple Music,’ in the words of an insider,” Kafka reports. “And it’s doing that with the Dre show. Full stop.”

“That’s much less exciting than ‘Apple Is Getting Into TV,’ but it’s more accurate,” Kafka reports. “For an even more accurate, and much more boring headline, let’s use Twitter user @eric_analytics’ phrase: ‘Apple Is Getting Into Content Marketing.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yawn. How many additional Apple Music subscriptions is that really going to produce? A 50-year-old rapper with a sordid history of abusing women is enticing how, exactly? This sounds like a “let’s keep Dre busy with something” project.

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  1. From an earlier MDN Posting:

    “Personally, I don’t care much about all the celebrities that Apple can parade around—I care about service that works. That’s it.”


  2. Unlikely to watch any Apple-produced content.

    There is a glut of entertainment these days. Apple is likely to be as shallow as the others.

    Apple values have skidded sideways, but that was clear the day they offered lucky buyers a $10,000 watch.

  3. This is, indeed, a bunch of insipid misogynistic crap, Apple. Geeze. Is this the demographic Apple is trying to reach!? And this will somehow attract paying customers to Apple TV? Apple just sent a whole bunch of viewers to Amazon and Netflix.

  4. It still saddens me that Michael Jackson was aligned with Sony. It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t make awful Android rip-off phones, and they used Michael Jackson’s image to hawk their low-quality “Xperia” line of dumbphones. I know it was unavoidable, but MJ was, and will be a better role model for my generation than Dr. Dre will ever be.

  5. Andre Young is indicative of a culture bent on self destruction.
    Apple’s support of him should be not come as a surprise, since they’re doing the same thing by, funding and supporting homosexuality.

    Many here won’t agree, but that’s just tough, since you can’t assent to one but oppose the other.
    Young’s misogyny is the expression of his sexuality and Cook – a homosexual – is consistent in overlooking it.

  6. Why promote a Music service through Video/movies? .. Thats where the problem is … Its inchoherent ..messy …etc,

    I know im sounding like a broken record here.. But this pisses me off along increasing number of bewildering decisions at Apple recently.

    …. How /why would it be distributed through Applemusic? Applemusic is a platform For music/audio content right? And Apple has a video distibution channal iTunes(lol)🤔
    I guess Apple execs think keeping inline with the convoluted tradition of iTunes and its naming is a good thing.
A music store named after a music terminology (tunes)…..doing contact and calendar syncs, software updates, renting movies, tv episodes, managing Apps…,…Etc…And oh yes Music too…(And music is how its started).

    The above, i guess, is logical for Apple’s ‘Think out of the box”…and in line with “keep it intuitive and simple” philosophy…..?!?

    BUT Yet ..Apple thinks they should keep iTunes and Applemusic seperate when it comes to music??? ……
I can subscribe to videos in Applemusic but I cant buy music in Applemusic… I can listen to my purchased music, i can listen to radio, i have access to all of Apples music library … I can discover music in many ways( through a confused ui) …But if i choose to purchase a track i discovered in Applemusic i have to switch to another app, ITunes to do so… Lol…WHY?? ? ridiculous ! Yet i can watch video subscriptions on Apple Music??

    I can see this video thing being done to get people to subscribe to Apple Music.. … Its a a good business model for constant recurring revenue …

    but Hey Apple :
If Apple Music was intended to be channel for subscriptions only (and no purchase ). …and u had this in mind from the get go, (and i hope there is some kind of thought and long term planing involved in this kind of initiatives)………..Why call it Apple MUSIC ???🤔🤔🤔

Didnt you learn anything from the itunes mess.? Is Everything Considered music at Apple… Or some people have just stopped thinking at Apple.
    Apple music…a music app that allows me to watch/subscribe videos but does not allow me to purchase music.

    How Coherent Apple

    How about considering something along The two different ui flow bellow
    Call Apple Music… “Apple Entertainment ” or what ever catchy name that’s not confusing and limiting . …
The app will have a few sections / top menu items .
Video, music, books , Apps, subscription management.
    Subscription management allows for management of different tiers of subscriptions .
    The other 4 sections if clicked on will triggers the corresponding content availability just like it is now but ..
    With 4 action tags/buttons

    Free= click and watch

    Purchase= click pay and own forever

    Rent = click and pay and own for period allowed
Subscription only = click and subscribe to the corresponding tier for a availibilty .

    .. Universal search can be tag sensitive and filter for subscribed items.. Free items.. Purchased items.. Etc..

    Have five separate apps…
    Apple subscriptions. ( this can also be a ‘setup” app subsection specially on TVOS )
    Each apps content will have the four action tags/buttons … Free, purchase, rent, subscription only…. And clicking on them triggers the corresponding action needed for using the content .

    This is not an issue of technology… It is an issue of coherent organization and flow .
    Its base to start from….

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