Apple Music and Sonos join forces to defeat ‘the enemy of a happy home’ in new TV ad

“Apple Music and Sonos have partnered to create a new ad that was shown during [last night]’s Grammy Music Awards,” Husain Sumra reports for MacRumors.

“The commercial comes days after Apple Music officially launched on Sonos, allowing Sonos customers to stream Apple Music content and direct access to Apple Music features like For You, Radio and My Music,” Sumra reports. “The ad features musical artists Killer Mike, Matt Berninger and Annie Clark using Apple Music on Sonos speakers to ‘defeat silence’ in their homes.”

“Sonos conducted a study a study on the positive effects of music listening in the home,” Sumra reports. “The study, which used an Apple Music subscription paired with a Sonos speaker, found that families who regularly listened to music in their home spent 67 percent more time together, ate meals together more often and other positive effects.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Read the full Music Makes it Home Study from Sonos at

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. I’ve had a Sonic F1 hooked up to an AirportExpress (streaming music throughout my home) for over 8 years now. Added a Sonic F2 to an AirPort Extreme a year or two later.

    Why the FCK has it taken this long for in home music to go mainstream?

    Maybe I should boot up my Mac IIci & WallStreet PowerBook to do some R&D on how the U.S. Govument Gaagle, WallShite, Hollywood & the music cartel are colluding to take AAPL down. It’s all a ploy to distract Apple from their core competency “customer satisfaction” & “product awareness”.

    Has anybody here ever heard of Origami? It was Microdog’s vision of a wirelessly connected world. Apple beat them to it with iPad. That was the beginning stage of mass collusion against Apple. All the while the DOJ & SEC vacation on Alphabet’s Gaagle & Amazone’s Bozo checks that keep on coming. Fckin’ SAD.


    Pay for your services you cheapskate Android Fcks. What a pathetic ignorant bunch. With Android YOU & YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION ARE THE PRODUCT. Good grief. What a cesspool of users. HeeHaw 😉

    1. It is. People who are uncomfortable with their own thoughts need to fill the void with noise. I love silence. “silence doesn’t sound like a creative place to me” WTF? Like saying a blank canvas is uninspiring.

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