What Apple’s iPad Pro still needs to make it truly professional grade

“I love my iPad Air 2. So much that I’m grudgingly willing to put up with its compromises and limitations as a production tool in order to take advantage of its virtues,” Charles Moore writes for MacPrices. “However, since a computer for me is essentially a work tool, communication platform, and information access device, the necessity of said putting up with is an ongoing source of frustration, especially the several key tasks in my workflow that the iPad simply can’t perform, keeping me on my Macs for about half of my screentime.”

“I love my Macs too, and I’m in no hurry to abandon the power and slickness of OS X, which is good because Apple is so far showing no indication of being ready to bend on its stubborn refusal to make a few relatively simple changes that would give production oriented iPad users the functionality and capability we’ve been calling for since 201,” Moore writes. “Apple’s choices are especially evident in the iPad Pro, which despite its being touted (and priced) as professional grade hardware, is still cumbered with pretty much the same productivity deficiencies as my iPad Air 2, most of which are software issues.”

“However, not entirely,” Moore writes. “In my estimation, the iPad has three major hardware shortcomings.”

1) Limited connectivity — i.e.: no MicroUSB support
2) No expansion options (no microSD card slot)
3) No mouse support

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MacDailyNews Take: Making an iPad Pro more Mac-like seems to be a request of those stuck in old ways of thinking.

The iPad Pro is not meant for older generations. Unless they are willing to completely unlearn and let go of old tricks and learn new ones. That’s very tough to do for some… iPad Pro and iOS are really for the young and for future generations. It is the future. Until the next paradigm shift, perhaps decades away, Multi-touch will be how most people compute, not with physical keyboards, mice, cursors, exposed file systems, etc. — MacDailyNews, December 18, 2015

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