Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak endorses socialist Bernie Sanders

Among “artists and cultural leaders” including actor Will Ferrell, the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ musician Flea, and actor/producer Danny DeVito, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has endorsed self-avowed socialist Bernie Sanders to become the 2016 Democratic Nominee for President of the United States of America by signing the following endorsement:

We — the undersigned artists, musicians, and cultural leaders of America — are excited to endorse a new vision for our country.

It’s a vision that pushes for a progressive economic agenda.

It’s a vision that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment, and gets big money out of politics.

We endorse Bernie Sanders to become the 2016 Democratic Nominee for President of the United States of America.


Steve Wozniak, Inventor


MacDailyNews Take: As always, we love Woz! He’s a sweet man. He’s a simple man. He’s a sweet, simple man.

His soft heart sometimes conflicted with his old partner, the late Steve Jobs. It was evident when Wozniak wanted to give away one of his first Apple creations to a local teacher. Jobs wouldn’t allow it, so Wozniak said he paid for the computer and gave it to the teacher. Some things never change.Colin Pope, Austin Business Journal, March 25, 2014

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  1. Woz: Really rich, so the idea of taking other people’s money to “spread the wealth” has no real meaning to him. Hit his head really hard in the 80s.

    Good luck with that presidential run there, Bernie!

    1. Spent 4 hours making calls yesterday long with a “yuge” team all across America. Thanks to the Internet you do not have to be instate to help the campaign you support.

      You saw what happened to almost Republican Hillary last night. The polling is even better against ANY Republican and he turns out a huge number of Independents and younger voters.

      Trump will be Feeling the Bern soon enough.

      Everybody, please get involved with the candidate you support- I say that even if you support someone else. Democracy only works if the people get and stay involved.

      Put your Macs and iPads and iPhones to work.

        1. You have had your time with all the Bushes and Clintons. What a mess they have created. Never ending wars and verging on a bankrupt nation is your generations legacy.

          Now is the time for the future, the young ones to say enough is enough.

          1. Instead of war, Obama simply surrenders.
            Americans spilled blood to liberate Iraq and Obama turns around and surrenders it to ISIS. Then, he starts wars in Libya and Syria with no Congressional approval. And he sent over 1000 Americans to die in Afghanistan for a war he has no intention to win.

            1. Massive ignorance there George, though whether it’s intentional ignorance or not is hard to tell. Bush Jr. signed the agreement for all US troops to be out of Iraq by 2011. Obama’s team tried to renegotiate the date, but Malicki insisted that any troops left in Iraq would be subject to Iraqi law – obviously, an untenable position.
              But that’s what happens when you start an illegal war using false pretenses and faked “evidence.”
              As for ISIS – every non-partisan military person will tell you it was the Bush/Rumsfeld regime that set the stage for ISIS to be born. They fired every military commander and every government employee of every level. They lost track of the weapons. They put a puppet government in place. And they didn’t bother to watch the now very disgruntled ex government people and military commanders who knew where the weapons were and who now hated the US. They are the people who create ISIS.
              A cock-up of historic proportions by the shrub and his cronies.

            2. I missed the memo where the USA surrendered anything in the last 20+ years. The Islamic State is just a bunch of warlords that, you should be reminded, are NOT an existential threat to the USA and are NOT worth further entanglement on foreign ground. That is why the USA uses aerial response instead of a huge ground force in order to prevent escalation and increase in humanitarian strife. The USA is not fighting a war, it is trying to keep the fragile peace. Please learn the difference.

              What exactly did you want the USA to do, annex Iraq? The territory is theirs. Bush got the oil contracts, so you should now be happy.

            1. Bill Clinton pushed some fairly right-wing proposals that devastated poor people. He also participated in de-regulation that led to short-term gains for the economy, but set the stage for the massive bank fraud that later collapsed the economy.

            1. When one pulls them self over too far to one side of anything, and everything is black and white, my way or no way, that person is truly divided and conquered.

              What a sad, pathetic way to live…

        2. You want everyone to think it is a huge wast of time and you should even bother voting. History has shown that when there is a large voter turnout the progressives win. When the voter turnout is low the republicans win. Why do you think the GOP tries so hard to suppress votes.

            1. The republican party has been in a continuous slide since Eisenhower. Tricky Dick did America no favors, Lying Reagan pretended not to be meddling in foreign nationbuilding when he clearly was stirring up middle east wars, and both Bushes actually followed through with a hot active ground war that has proven practically impossible for the USA to disentangle itself from.

              Foreign military spending in lives and dollars makes the costs of domestic programs championed by the evil “liberals” and “socialists” look like a utopian vision to most level-headed people.

              I haven’t heard a single concrete example of how America was ruined by investing in its own infrastructure or its own people, no matter how inefficiently done.

              Then the same extreme right wingers sing the praises of ultra-liberal Cook, who you know is putting billions into democrat causes and who is insanely”wasteful” in spending Apple’s money piles, at least by any objective spending analysis. It’s easy for right wingers to turn off their brains when the revenues are gushing in, but it’s amazing how foolish they are when you actually look into their spending records. Cruz and Rubio for example: what absolute fiscal idiots! These are the nutcases that the American righties are supporting? Really ????

        1. True Dat and most Republicans are intellectually lazy, otherwise they would vote differently. Amazes me how some white guy with a HS Diploma living in a Trailer making $10/hour thinks they are a Republican.

      1. I’m curious as to how bad things have to get for people to give up on socialists. Any country in the world that depends on socialism is starving. Don’t tell me about “Scandinavian Democratic Socialists” who do nothing more than depend on capitalists to rip off.

        After 8 years of Socialist Obama, we have a country with stupid political identity groups ready to kill each other, the geopolitical standing of the nation has never been worse, the Middle East is on fire, our only friend is estranged, Russia has been reinvigorated, China is cleaning our clock economically by adopting the capitalist practices that we used to prefer… I mean at best we have a political landscape that is crap to mediocrity, and you want to double down on Sanders? Are you in your teens DavGreg?

        1. Thelonius Mac,

          Most people do not realize the US is already a socialist country, and has been for a long time. Basically, since income taxes were implemented about 100 years ago. All modern democracies are …and here I am thinking of European countries. It is nothing to be afraid of. It is not debatable. It is reality.

          You cannot blame any country, let alone their (temporary) elected officials, for all the ills in the rest of the world. Why single out Obama for all the ills in the world? It does not stand up to reason.

          As a proponent of capitalism, you owe it to yourself to read Thomas Piketty’s book: _Capital in the 21st Century_. You will find it informative. Maybe even mind-blowing. I am all for capitalism. It is unfair tax and social policies that I oppose. Both merit fixing in the US right now. Doing so will be good for capitalism. And for a lot of people, too.

          We allow bankruptcy — everyone agrees it is good for capitalism — except where student loans are involved. What is fair about that ?

          We bail out the banks — they are pretty much the only ones who profited from the Great Recession — yet we foreclose on people who cannot make their mortgage payments. What’s fair about that ? Does not seem to be good for capitalism in my book, either. And not one sub-prime mortgage banker went to jail for fraud, either… It is a crazy system.

          There is nothing wrong with improving on our capitalist economic system, within the context of our social/democratic political structure.

          I feel the Bern. And no, I am not 16. I am 60.

          All The Best.

        2. Normally I just laugh at your conservative drivel. But seriously? China? Capitalist? You dittoheads are exactly that. Parrots who don’t even understand the words they say. Squawk box, indeed

        3. No, I am a Baby Boomer and Social Democracy and Socialism are not the same thing.

          There are somethings best done by the private sector and some things best done in a not-for-profit scenario. Sometimes that can happen in the private sector, but many times it requires the government.

          Government fails us when citizens fail to keep their end of the bargain in a democracy- staying informed and involved. The same is true of your lawn or garden- without care and effort it looks like shit. Americans who know what dress some celebrity wore on the MTV Awards cannot tell you who their Congressman is or who the Mayor is or what the President’s position on the TPP is despite it impacting 40% of the world’s GDP.

          There is nothing wrong with Social Democracy or Socialism in general. One problem America has is a large collection of disengaged, intellectually lazy people who like to bitch about things they make no effort to understand.

          Another is people who want government services but do not want to pay the taxes that make them possible. Comcast does not give me Internet and TV for free and government services cost money as well- called taxes.

          As long as the job is done fairly and well who gives a shit if it comes from a corporation or a government?

    2. Bernie is truly a scary individual. Thinking people need to delve into his past and take a hard look at who he really is and what he stands for. It’s not pretty.

      He is not a friend to Silicon Valley. He is not a friend to businesses, large or small. He is not a friend of free speech if it conflicts with his own ideas. His desires to regulate and control the economy should frighten anyone who values free markets.

      What he’s been proposing all sounds sugar and sweetness – free university, Medicare for all, … who could be against that? But his recipe for that, tax and control, is nothing short of national suicide.

    1. If a man can improve the core issues, I will support him … but I won’t know until after I vote for him (assuming he is elected.)

      The facts right now are rather terrible:

      1. double digit declines in after tax disposable income in the last 8 years; Family net worth at a 30 year low as I recall it and blacks are even worse off than the rest of society.

      2. now almost 100 million adults not in the work force, healthcare costs going up in double digits and

      3. pending financial insolvency in Obamacare within a year or two, unless you take more from the almost half of adults still working who pay substantial taxes, as opposed to low wage earners.

      4. and all of this while the US Govt agencies let & bring in non-citizens to take low wage jobs by the millions each year. This undermines the high school and college graduates getting a job and keeps the unemployment very high. Then the ICE/DHS or whoever starts cramming middle East so called refugees into small towns in Wyoming creating havoc in the school systems not set up to teach Arabic reading & societally oriented students.

      And all this is progress?

    2. You people fail to realize the magnitude of Democrat Party losses under Oblahblah.

      Since Oblahblah took office, 85 of 98 state legislative bodies have become more Republican, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governorships, 69 House seats, and 13 Senate seats. That’s some legacy.

      1. You People? Funny…

        Ya, well that was all because of all the gerrymandering the Republicans have been involved with since the days of Newt Gingrich. If you look at maps of voting districts they pretty much look like cole-slaw. All to the advantage of Republicans. Several big court cases will set precedent in this area. One judge said if the parties cannot come up with a reasonable voting district map, he will set the boundaries by zip code. Hey, makes a lot of sense to me. This is the democracy our forefathers had in mind. Not some phony candidate catapulted into office through shenanigans and slight-of-hand.

        Besides, what’s your point? Because it looks like things are gonna swing the other way around now. It happens both ways.

        People want to believe change is possible. When they realize it is not happening, they back other horses. People have been figuring out that the Republicans have been turning the country into Idiot Nation for a long time now. And the Republicans have been self-destructing for years. Want proof? Just look at the circus of candidates for the Republican nomination.

        Personally, I feel the Bern.

      2. Like someone said above, you can’t use corrupt gerrymandering as evidence of the political will of the country. The majority actually hold views the opposite of what the anti-democratic gerrymandering-created elected officials support.

        Now, perhaps your argument is: “We’re awesome because our guys are better at stealing freedom and democracy away from people than the other guys!”
        OK. I guess you can brag about that, if you like non-representative overlords.

      3. You must be home schooled- there is no “Democrat Party” in the United States any more than there is a Republic Party.

        The Democratic Party was pulled to the right by damn near Republicans like the Clintons and the rot has set in. Working people and the Middle Class have been left to twist in the wind choosing between two shades of dumbass Conservatives- one slightly less crazy than the other. Many of us just said fuck it and voted for the Greens rather than consent to Clintonsim or Reaganism.

        Bernie is from the Progressive tradition that started in the Republican Party- Theodore Roosevelt was a Progressive. Later, the movement found a home among the Democrats who restored America from the Great Depression caused by three successive Republican Presidents- Harding, Coolidge and Hoover.

        It is very strange. Republicans came to be better at fiscal matters and national security but 9-11 happened on Dubya’s watch and the Great Depression under Hoover. Both Republicans. Dubai also presided over the Great Recession that started in 2007.

        After those fuck ups, it is amazing anyone would listen to any Republican. You NeoCons have a short memory.

  2. The problem with Sanders isn’t his ideas, it’s the fact that the President can not do what Sanders wants to all by him/herself. Now, if Sanders were running with a whole slate for Congress, it would be a different story. But as it stands, he has no hope to IMPLEMENT his ideas unless he has a majority in Congress behind him. That lack of support will doom him should he actually get elected.

    1. Polling shows and New Hampshire showed that Bernie has coat tails, exited the base and brings young adults into the process. That and other things imply that Nominee Sanders would help down ticket candidates far better than Nominee Hillary. 45% of the voters in the Democratic Primary yesterday were Independent voters- Hillary actually won among registered Democrats (heh, heh).

      Add in the Republicans have a ‘yuge’ number of seats to defend in the Senate. Bernie could get the Senate back and make the house very close or better. Hillary would likely win a close election with a Republican Congress like we currently have.

      Your choice, people.

    2. Sanders does refer to himself as just socialist, unapologetically and without modification, and he’s not wrong. I prefer calling him a democratic socialist myself, because people are often misled into thinking all socialism is communism, and adding democratic to it just makes it more clear that he’s not a communist.

      Capitalism and socialism are both economic theories. Capitalism is money managed by individuals for personal interest, and socialism is money managed collectively for collective interest. Democracy and totalitarianism are actually systems of ruling power. Democracy is power is in the hands of everyone equally, and totalitarians is power in the hands of few elites or a single ruler.

      Communism is socialist economics combined with totalitarianism rule: all money and resources are supposed to be used to favor everyone’s collective interest (socialism) but a small number of people have the all the power to decide what is in everyone’s collective interest (totalitarianism.) It does not work in practice. Giving a few people the power over all the state’s resources always leads to corruption.

      It’s often said that United States is a capitalist democracy, but in truth this country has lots socialism and bits of totalitarianism mixed in already. In a true democracy, everything would be put up to a vote. True democracy is slow on large scale, so we understandably give elites some power to make government decisions on their own (totalitarianism). Everyone can manage their own money, and many major institutions are driven by profit (capitalism). But many other important institutions, such as the military, police, the school system (k-12), and fire departments are completely socialist economic institutions. These are paid for collectively to serve the public interest. These things work way better with socialism: trying make things like the army, police force, or fire department into capitalist institutions driven by profit are disastrous – the reasons should be obvious, and I’ve already written more than I planning to, so I’ll just leave it at that.

          1. For people like you who only think in black and white, let me introduce a dose of reality:

            Once upon a time lords and enterprises had no choice but to hire private police and guards for themselves. Cronyism abounded, bribes were paid, and crime was rampant. Fast forward several hundred years, and now we have governments that respond to the wishes of the people. Those people want safe streets with honest policing for the benefit of EVERYONE, not just the few elites who can hire personal protection. So in every civilized nation on the planet, there is a “SOCIALIST” police, bought and paid for by everyone’s taxes, to ensure that the rules of society are upheld. Does corruption still occur? Of course. But it’s at an all time low.

            “Socialist” services like health care, police, military, aviation, libraries, and so forth are all far more efficiently managed by governments with public funding. If you don’t like your government, then you have the opportunity to petition it and vote out the inefficient/ineffective representatives. But it seems that the extreme right wing wants government to be military only, and they imagine their romantic views of the unregulated, unpoliced wild west would be like “A River Runs Through It”, when in reality such anarchy looks like Somalia, gangs, domestic terrorists, mob, and war lords. Just like it was before the police became a role of our modern socialist/democratic republics worldwide.

    1. @Bryan – You can put all the lipstick you want on this pig, its still a SOCIALIST PIG. BTW, can you even DEFINE what socialism is? (hint – it is government control of the means and distribution of production = = loss of property rights = = loss of personal freedom and an ever growing, voracious central government). Welcome to Amerika Comrade!!!!

      1. Dear Mr. “Conservative”… since you don’t have a clue – we live in a Socialist Country already – Your Water, Sewer, Police, Roads (all infrastructure), Mail, and on and on. This Country could not function without the benefits of Socialism. You want true Capitalism?… think feudal system, because that’s the end point of true Capitalism – you exist for the benefit of someone else.

        1. You left out the biggest institution to benefit from socialism in the US, which conservatives are all for: the military. It sure as heck couldn’t survive in a free market economy without the billions the government spends on it.

        2. Your skill at reading and comprhending have a lot to be desired. Mr. Conservative did not say anything about social services. He mentioned control and distribution of production leading to no property rights and less personal freedom. USPS does not affect my personal freedom. ObamaCare does. Amtrak does not affect my personal freedom, Bernie will.

          Obviously, you probably know the wives and girlfriends of Brad Pitt but not who won the Civil War. If I were you I would ask for a refund of your student loans. You did not learn anything.

            1. You are helping me make my point. Thank you. Everything you mentioned is GOVERNMENT which, especially these days, affects our personal freedoms more and more.

            2. hoffbegone, your personal freedoms end where your neighbor’s begin. You should recognize that a nation of laws requires our social contracts to be upheld not by might or wealth and private arms races, but by a government that is responsive to the needs of the people. “Free market” as iterated by the extreme right is a rigged game that ends in anarchy or worse.

              Sanders doesn’t advocate government largesse and nanny state, he argues for equal treatment under the law, starting with the “too big to fail” corporate welfare that has decimated the formerly vibrant middle class. Corporate oligarchies in America have destroyed the careers of upcoming generations, concentrating wealth into the hands of political cronies and making entrepreneurship and small business harder than ever before in American history.

              Both republicans and democrats have violated the public trust so many times in the past ~45 years, I don’t understand how you can place any faith in your political party. So stop pasting stupid labels and start looking at the results of partisanship, gerrymandering, and obscene campaign funding. Political parties, which are the puppets of multinational corporates that are NOT responsive to national health and well-being, are what is killing America. If you want to make America great again, you don’t hire a corporate lapdog or a reality TV personality. You hire someone with a track record of honoring the will of the people, with a plan to restore opportunity to the average citizen.

        3. Just a FYI…. USPS is NOT PAID FOR BY TAXES….

          Military is required by the Constitution to PROTECT the citizens. (highway system was first created for the Military btw)

          If you paid attention in school you would have known stuff like this, but as hoffbegone pointed out..

          “Obviously, you probably know the wives and girlfriends of Brad Pitt but not who won the Civil War. If I were you I would ask for a refund of your student loans. You did not learn anything.”

      2. WRONG, Mr. Conservative. You are defining communism.

        The Oxford Dictionary defines socialism as, “A political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”

        Bernie Sanders proposes Democratic Socialism wherein major social costs (defense, health care, and education) are REGULATED by a democratically elected government.

        Just as they are today, but with much more efficient democratic involvement. For example: Bernie would regulate the banks for the protection of taxpayers instead of letting Wall Street do whatever they wish under the guise of “free trade”. Imagine that, a federal regulation to prevent the biggest casino in the world from sucking in all the cash formerly held by middle class taxpayers.

      1. Bernie is in line with the policies of the New Deal of Franklin Roosevelt and others. He is a Progressive and that movement started in the Republican Party which used to be to the left of the Democrats a century ago. Theodore Roosevelt- a Republican- was a proud progressive and would be feeling the Bern.

        Teddy Roosevelt campaigned on Healthcare in 1912

        Click to access Igel.pdf

        1. Hillary may be a Republican, but in the sense of where the party stood 75 years ago. There’s a WORLD of difference between Ms. Clinton and everyone running for the GOP slot. Heck, even die-hard Republicans (Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan) are being called RINO’s by the right-wing of their own party.

      2. The ignorance of the far right posters on this board is astonishing. Either that, or they’re just part of Trump’s collection of thugs aiming to spread FUD and misinformation.
        None of the far right wingers have any idea what socialism is, or the differences between the different flavors of it. You couldn’t tell socialism from communism from fascism. And none of you have lived in an extreme socialist country, yet all of you live in a country that is socialist to a degree now – and have done all your lives.
        As Mitt Romney famously said in 2012, small businesses (which he described as the backbone of America) couldn’t survive without the government and the infrastructure it provides, for the benefit of all.

    2. Bryan, agree that MDN was wrong. Bernie is not a Socialist. He’s a hairs breadth from being a full blown Communist – arguably of the totalitarian type. Think that’s hyperbole? Do a little homework and look up this man’s history. The fact that he honeymooned in the USSR should tell you something about his core beliefs. And that’s just a teaser. Read up before you come back and tell me I’m full of it.

  3. Woz, as most clueless libs, just can’t seem to get past their religious zeal for the CONCEPT of utopia. As always, Utopia doesn’t work and ALWAYS leads to tyranny and misery/death for the “masses”. Clearly, overt evidence (Mao, Stalin, Venezuela, many many others) does not sway those who choose not to see. Free Market Capitalism is the greatest force for good ever created. It has created more wealth for more people then ANY OTHER system. It changed the dynamics from the Elite/everone else to equal opportunity for ALL. Our current crony capitalistic/semi-socialistic system is NOT Free Market Capitalism.

    What truly amuses me is how the “cultural leaders” live amazing, cloistered, privileged lives in their mansions/gated communities with their “people” to take care of things. If these “cultural leaders” TRUELY believed in utopia/socialism then its easy to see what they would do – give up ALL of their money “to the people” and live in public housing/on welfare/etc. What do they actually do? – well they SHOW THEY CARE by supporting old Communist Bernie as espousing socialism but NEVER LIVING THE LIFE OF SOCIALISM (“everybody’s equal, nobody has more then anybody else, its “not yours” but its equally shared, its not fair that anyone has more then anyone else and so on and so on).

    We are currently living in a post-constitutional society thanks to Republican and Democrat Progressive and Oblamo. Our society will NOT survive another 4 years of this crap. Once you lose freedom (remember as government expands, personal freedom contracts – think about it – it HAS to) it will take at least 2 generations to get it back (if ever). ONLY ONE candidate wants to move the government back into the box to contain it and allow personal freedom to return. You know who that is….

    1. The problem with clueless Neocons is that you think Capitalism is Utopia – it isn’t. As I said before, true Capitalism ends in Haves & Have-Nots – The end point is no middle class,
      and no chance of mobility.

        1. Well that is truly convincing. Once you come out with the BS argument, then clearly you can’t top that with anything.

          (rolls eyes)

          Oh, wait … isn’t the republican clown car preparing hate ads comparing modern socialism to 1930’s fascism? Going the Hitler argument is one sure way to drum up scared voters if you don’t have any actual reform ideas of your own.

    2. Trickle down economics and that joke free market “no rules” capitalism serves only the few, makes for winners and losers, does NOT reflect true democracy. The Constituion is not the primary basis for commerce for the few.

  4. “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money” (Margaret Thatcher).

    Just as an attempt to keep an open mind, can someone illustrate using a flow chart or some other tool just how sharing the wealth works and how “free everything” can be sustainable.

    Second point, we do not live in a capitalist society anyhow so the only thing anybody knows about true capitalism is what the politicians say about it after they “broke it”. We, and the world, live in a regulated society not much different than socialism, anyhow.

    Regulated to the point that even absent ObamaCare, the government already had broken our health care system by telling us who we could, and could not, get our health insurance which in turn controlled which medical services we could use. The only ones exempt from such regulation are those rich enough to pay for it themselves, Hence, that is why the regulator politicians make the rules they do which is to benefit themselves and handcuff us.

    Some of you have not lived long enough to realize that the government breaks things, then tells us it is not their fault (eg mortgage crisis), and they have a way to fix it which usually amounts to taking away another “right” or freedom.

    One of the things they broke was education and they eventually put a lot of young people in debt. Now they want to fix it. People who support Bernie are just sheep following the plan to destroy America. Yes, Bernie and Barack have a new hope and a new vision. i am sad to see it come to pass.

    1. from above
      “Just as an attempt to keep an open mind, can someone illustrate using a flow chart or some other tool just how sharing the wealth works and how “free everything” can be sustainable.”

      Anybody out there to answer this? Anybody? Hello?

      1. Nothing is free. Using the resources created by our taxes and managing the system so it can benefit the majority and not the few is what we’re talking about here. At present the system is rigged to benefit the few at the detriment of the many. The many need to rise up and create the change they have the power to implement. It will not be easy. Greed, fear, apathy, ignorance and conditioning need to be overcome. Perhaps it will take a major crisis. Perhaps just a global awakening to the realization that the system is corrupt and were being lied to every day… We’re talking about balance here. How and when we will get there remains to be seen.

        1. I’d answer the question, if it were a serious question. NO ONE is saying “free everything.” We’re saying we need to undo the damage done by BOTH parties since the days of Ronald Reagan.

          Wall Street now runs the country, and it is only to THEIR personal benefit, and not to the average investor, not to the average worker and certainly not to the thousands of companies that have been bought, sold, stripped and killed in the name of profit over the past 35 years.

          I want to make America great again, too. I want to go back to financial structure we enjoyed in the 1950s and 1960s (high marginal tax rates and rules favoring a strong middle class) without the regressive social policies of the 1950s and 1960s.

    2. hoffebegone: You quote Thatcher? Really???
      You obviously didn’t live under her, especially in her later, dictator-like years. Equally obvious is the fact that you are clueless about Socialism as practiced in the UK in the 1970s vs. Socialism as practiced in the US over the last 50 years vs. the type of Socialism Sanders wants.
      People like you fixate on buzzwords spouted by the likes of Cruz and the tea party without any understanding of what they mean. And neither you nor Cruz et al. have any concept of what they are talking about.

      1. I said nothing about living under Thatcher and what does that have to do with the truth she espoused?

        You are brainwashed by today’s generation that calls good, bad; and bad, good. You are the product of changing definitions. You are the one out of touch with what life under Democratic Socialism (a new word to fool the ignorant) will be like.

        Like other’s have said, even if he becomes President he will probably not be able to do what he promises because no President has kept their promises without the consent of the people (ie Congress), except for those President’s that ignore the Constitution like BHO which is the new vision for Amerika.

      2. I remember the winter of discontent in 1978-1979, which brought the Callaghan government down and swept Margaret Thatcher to power. I remember the years of stagnation under the socialist Labour Party where industry after industry was nationalized and subsequently crumbled under government mismanagement, and where my family personally suffered from government policies promoting wealth distribution. (FYI, I’m US born but half English by blood.) Bernie wants to bring that style of government to the US. No thank you! As I said above – National Suicide!

        1. You prove my point, JWSC. The type of socialism practiced by the UK in the 60s and 70s was destructive. I know – I lived there during Wilson, Heath, Foot, Callahan and Thatcher – so I saw (and suffered under) both extremes. It is also completely different to the type of socialism Sanders espouses. Not to mention the fact that the US system of government checks and balances is completely different to the UK system of parliamentary rule. By saying Sander’s view of socialism is the same as Wilson and Foot and Callahan’s, you conclusively prove you simply don’t know what you’re talking about. You just focus on buzz words.
          Like Reagan, Thatcher couldn’t get elected in the US under the present political climate. Even her far right policies wouldn’t be conservative enough for today’s GOP.
          Most Dems are moderates. The problem is that the GOP is out-of control-far-right-wing. Just look at the loonies trying to get the GOP nomination. Any republican who says he is prepared to negotiate with Dems is marked by the tea party for removal. Yet negotiation is the principal of this type of government. The US does not have a parliamentary “winner take all” system. It relies on negotiation and a willingness to work with the other side. The GOP is killing that; hence the gridlock we have now.

  5. Quote of the Day The late Dr. Adrian Rogers (1931-2005) offered the following observation several years ago and it bears poignant significance today:
    You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the rich out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply the wealth by dividing it.

    Adrian Rogers

    1. I really don’t understand the education level of the readers that voted your comment as poor. Education is the key to a free society and obviously, we are no longer an educated society.

    2. Some truth but besides the point. The issue is when one’s effort’s are not proportionately rewarded or encouraged. And it’s OK to offer help when some are struggling. Again, it’s all about balance. The system is out of balance in a great way now and numbers are clear about that. Balance, balance, balance. We can believe that if we give it our all and pursue the American Dream frantically it will pay off but statistically it’s closer to the lottery. Efforts do yield results but in our current world not fairly. There is a better way, a better world to be had… The very few control energy, currency, healthcare, food, media and so on. Many realize that and support Bernie Sanders regardless of their background. Whether any one person can make it right is doubtful. It will take widespread change, perhaps even some kind of revolution…. ^_-

      1. I think everyone is blowing everything way out of proportion. It is not a crazy idea to improve the tax codes to ensure a fair progressive tax to implement specific services. What is crazy is all the angry people not willing to listen to each other and see the common themes. Bernie Sander’s is suggesting a political revolution like we saw with FDR. I can back a second wave of new deal economics. I feel that America needs to repair itself before we try to repair the whole world. I may not agree with every single idea Bernie Sander’s says, but I definitely agree with the principals behind his movement. He’s got this conservative Christian’s vote.

  6. Woz may be a talented engineer but it is easy to spend other peoples money when you are a very wealthy individual.

    Funny how all these liberals want to increase handouts yet none of them are simply writing a fat check to the government. It’s easy to pay for things if you expect the OTHER guy to foot the bill.

    We had his 15 minutes and helped change history. Since then, not so much. Time to fade away Woz.

    1. Well, you hit the nail on the head. Trump would be bad, very bad, in my opinion if he were to become president. I would be very worried about how many of our allies around the world he would needlessly piss off, among a slew of other things.

      But Bernie would be immeasurably worse in that his policies would vear toward national destruction.

      We’ve got whackos on the left and whackos on the right in this election. Our political process appears to be failing and this should be of great concern to all. There’s got to be 50-100 thousand people out there who have the potential to be great presidents. But none of them have any interest in running for office. We need to start asking why.

  7. Apparently, majority here have no clue what is socialism and how it is different from communism. And everything everyone here has been describing in most fatalistic, darkest tone is describing communism.

    During the height of the economic rise of the EU, vast majority of the EU nations actually had socialist, progressive, leftist governments in place. During that time, rich were still getting richer, only a bit slower than before. The main difference between the American version of capitalism (where you are completely on your own, for better or worse) and the socialism as practiced in the rest of the developed world, is that you have system in place that take care of the entire population, rather than just those who can afford it. Things such as single-payer, nationalised health care, free quality education (including college and beyond), government-paid maternity leave (extending to well beyond just a few weeks)…

    America is a very strange place. With all the social and economic progress it had achieved over the decades, it continues to hold itself back firmly in the 19th century, when greed trumped humanity.

    Real income of American middle class has been going down for over 30 years now. Meanwhile, the wealth of the wealthy has disproportionately and rapidly grown, much faster than the GDP growth. In other words, the rich were (and still are) taking much greater share, giving the poor smaller and smaller share. One of the most significant contributors to this is the steady decline in the tax rates for the richest bracket. All of these tax cuts were sold to the voting public as the ‘trickle-down’ job-generating, economy-stimulating measures. Data from the past three decades clearly show that practically nothing has trickled down; the disposable income of the middle class has effectively shrunk and for many has practically disappeared, while the richest segment of the population effectively just keeps hoarding all that tax-cut windfall.

    America is one strange country, no doubt.

    1. US tax cuts were never sold as a “trickle-down” mechanism. You are oblivious and confused. Read a book.

      Also, thanks for pointing out that the rich get richer no matter who or what party is in “power” (nobody notice that?). Bernie will be no different. What BHO has done to ruin the country is spend. Bernie will continue that and it won’t make America better, it will make his friends richer. In the meantime, all he has to do is fool you and he is doing a good job, so far.

      1. You really don’t believe the trash you’re spewing, do you? Debt as a percent of GDP is down significantly under Obama. Spending growth is down. Government jobs have been slashed. Obama has done NOTHING to ruin the country. What, specifically, has he done that has “ruined” America for you?

  8. I’m cool with Sanders. He likely has my vote.

    The middle class has been robbed. All the gains in the last 30 years have went right to the top. If that’s capitalism at work then its a horrid failure.

    1. A Neo-Conservative is a person who will cut off your legs, without conscience, so they can gain $money$, prestige and the right to ruin anything at any time for any reason.

      IOW: Insanity at both extremes of the 1-D political spectrum.

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