For Apple Pay, the future is apps

“While most attention has been paid to which retail stores have started accepting Apple Pay, the iPhone-based payment service has quietly made serious progress in mobile commerce,” Ian Kar writes for Quartz. “And there are plenty of reasons to believe it could thrive in that space.”

“Apple told Quartz that Apple Pay is now supported by ‘thousands’ of apps. Among the purported benefits: faster checkouts for customers and a greater likelihood that they’ll complete a transaction after putting something in their online shopping cart,” Kar writes. “The ease of use in an app — consumers only have to scan their fingerprint into their phone — could spur more frequent buying and larger purchases, says Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies, a technology research firm.”

“For example, Domino Go, an interior design app, is running exclusive deals for purchases made with Apple Pay, and says it’s seen a 436% boost in average daily revenue after adding the option,” Kar writes. “Apple Pay is also helping with cart abandonment — when consumers get frustrated plugging in their payment and shipping information, and just give up. JackThreads, a popular men’s fashion site, says customers who use Apple Pay are 92% more likely to finish a transaction than those who don’t.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With numbers like those, any app that requires payment would be smart to incorporate Apple Pay post haste.


      1. That’s right – BenG ,re-scan your fingers, cracks and all, and those scans become the targets to match. A simple problem to solve, assuming you’re wanting it solved.

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