This is why you will buy your Apple Watch

“There’s a video floating around on the interwebs where a Tesla is summoned from a garage by an Apple Watch,” Bambi Brannan writes for Mac360. “This is why Apple’s Watch has a great future, and the Tesla is just an example. No car keys. No valet. No venturing onto a rain soaked or ice covered street. Just ‘Simon Says, ‘I summon thee, Tesla.””

“Watch is just so darned convenient,” Brannan writes. “Breakfast at McDonald’s on the way into town. Watch pays. No fishing for iPhone. No credit card hunt. Just Watch. I bought a gift for a friend at Macy’s. No fishing for iPhone. No credit car hunt. Just Watch. Fast. Easy. Secure.”

“Get an incoming call while you’re walking down the street?” Brannan writes. “Let Watch keep the iPhone in your purse, bag, or pocket. It answers. It calls.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watches give users the gift of time.

Apple Watch saves time. And, we don’t mean that in a small way, we mean that in a big way. 😉 (Thanks, Steve.) Small bits of time saved throughout each day equal big time savings each day. Time is our most precious commodity.

“Lost time is never found again.” — Benjamin Franklin

That’s why we wear Apple Watches, they give us the gift of time.MacDailyNews Take, July 21, 2015

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    1. You won’t because you are still riding a horse and cart and getting that steam ship to vista a place you have never heard of because you never went to school. Actually scrub that you are probably just Amish and don’t care about modern realities at all.

      1. Oh. You are more intolerant than the most obnoxious evangelical who ever lived, aren’t you? Someone doesn’t want the latest tech gadget and they are consigned the futurist’s vision of Hell.

        Sorry, but I’m not really scared or swayed. Humans can live just fine without modern conveniences. We all don’t need to stampede like lemmings to buy whatever is shinysparklynow. I’ve made my decision based on my needs and it doesn’t include the Apple Watch. Get over it.

        P.S. heard of Thoreau?

    2. I think what you meant to say was:

      So a “worthless” douchebag can summon up his overpriced electric car with his “complete” iPhone accessory…. sign up at the Apple Store!

  1. It’s such an imposition to have to reach into my pocket for car keys or a phone. And that additional 5 seconds to grab a credit card from my wallet is just a step too far! I’d rather be a tub of jelly with an iWatch strapped to my wrist.

  2. What they don’t say is that this Tesla feature is limited to 39 feet. The app maker recklessly bypassed this limitation by first initiating a remote ignition start. Keep living in fantasy land if you think your car can magically find a parking spot for you and then come pick you up.

    Forget even deciding where you want to go, why not have Tesla direct you where to go, where to work, what to eat, who to vote for, etc. People forget that they posess a brain that’s capable of far more than Elon Musk’s wildest maniacal fantasies will ever be.

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