Much speculation surrounds Apple’s secret new base in Ottawa

“Apple has remained silent about its plans for a 22,000-square-foot space under renovation in [Ottawa suburb] Kanata, or how its new vice-president of core operating systems, Sébastian Marineau-Mes, will build out the company’s Ottawa team,” Vito Pilieci reports for the Ottawa Citizen. “But in the rumours and discussion spurred by Apple’s pending arrival, some common themes are emerging. The most prominent is that its current space is just the beginning of what will become a much larger research and development centre that could employ as many as 200.”

“Apple is on a major research and development expansion, especially as it works toward creating new products, including some sort of Apple car or automotive-related product or service,” Pilieci reports. “According to Apple’s most recent financial filings, research and development expenses grew to $2.4 billion U.S. in the quarter ending in December, a 27-per-cent increase over the same quarter one year earlier. In fiscal 2015, R and D spending rose 34 per cent over 2014 levels to $8.1 billion U.S. Apple is aggressively gearing up for something big.”

“With QNX Software Systems Inc. across the street in Kanata, and with Marineau-Mes, an automotive software and operating systems expert and former QNX executive, in Apple’s employ, it’s not difficult to envision the third-floor office at 411 Leggett Dr. transforming into something much grander,” Pilieci reports. “QNX’s software runs on more than 50 percent of the automobiles on the road today… The people at QNX know what they’re doing, and Apple knows it. If Apple is preparing to give the world some bold new brand of automobile, then Ottawa’s technology sector is poised to help in its delivery.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Much speculation, indeed.

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    1. I know just how you feel. Every time someone tells me they are from NYC, and they say they are actually from a Long Island suburb or even upstate, I get all bent out of shape because they seem to be saying this just because it sounds cool. It’s not my fault you settled for the suburbs, and not NYC. The suburbanites are stealing our name just for the cool factor! Come to think of it, they are like Android settlers because they think they are cool using an iPhone rip off (or in this case, a boring tacky suburb) and that they are entitled to the NYC name. Annoying!

      1. Got ya. Ummm yeah – exactly – Amalgamation means its called Ottawa now. I was trying to be funny. As was, Etobicoke, North York, East York etc… they all became know as Toronto thanks to the same process mentioned.

        1. Oops. Sorry, I misunderstood your comment. I agree with you, and Apollonia above, we’re losing the meaning of neighbourhood in big cities. “Kanatans” don’t feel their really part of staid old downtown Ottawa, they’re the cool ones in this scenario.

          People who grew up there still call it Kanata, still distinguish between the old “neighbourhoods” – Glen Cairn, “Old” Kanata, Katimavik, South March, etc., but it’s really just a blur and a memory now.

          But yes, I catch your drift now, it’s not really in Ottawa…


  1. My 2016 Subaru Outback Limited has all the bells and whistles, including Apple’s CarPlay via Bluetooth and my iPhone 6s+. Works great for calling up Siri, or sending/receiving text messages (dictate to create a new message, and text messages received are read aloud).

    At least 20 auto companies offer CarPlay integration.

  2. Well it is Ottawa, the government capital of Canada. Many levels of government here have rules about limiting the housing of data on foreign soil. Is it possible that Apple is creating another data centre?

    1. Based on the personnel mentioned, it’s possible, but it doesn’t seem that way. All the personnel mentioned in the Citizen and Ottawa Business Journal are ex-QNX employees, so an R&D facility seems most likely.


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