iPhone 7 design to feature flush rear camera, no antenna bands across back

“Apple’s iPhone 7 isn’t expected to launch until the usual September timeframe, but we’re starting to get our first hints of what we might be able to expect for the new device,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“According to a source who has provided reliable information in the past, the iPhone 7 body will appear very similar to the design used for the iPhone 6 and 6s, with two significant exceptions,” Slivka reports. “On the iPhone 7, the camera is said to sit flush with the rear casing, enabled by a thinner camera module.”

“The other significant change with the body of the iPhone 7 is the removal of antenna bands across the rear, allowing for a cleaner all-metal look on the back,” Slivka reports. ” Antenna bands at the sides and around the top and bottom edges are said to remain, however.”

Mockup of iPhone 7 case showing flush rear camera and no antenna bands across rear
Mockup of iPhone 7 case showing flush rear camera and no antenna bands across rear

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MacDailyNews Take: Sounds good. One thing: Put the Sleep/Wake button back on the top where it belongs. We’re sick and tired of changing the volume when trying to sleep or sleeping when trying to change the volume. Sheesh!


  1. >Put the Sleep/Wake button back on the top where it belongs.

    Or they could just move it up on the side so it’s across from the ring/silent switch instead of directly across from the volume buttons. I too am always accidentally locking my phone when I meant to change the volume.

    1. Yes, MDN!!! From a hardware perspective, fixing the arrangement of sleep & volume buttons is absolutely important.

      Flush camera, and thicker slightly convex rounded back similar to the comfy iPhone 3 with more battery would be just awesome. In black anodized aluminum please. In 4″, 4.7″, and 5.5″ screens with slightly slimmer bezel.

      Well, we can dream…

        1. Because when the back is flat, you can put it on the surface you want to level. If it is convex, it wobbles (or wiggles, as Planetary Paul suggested).

          Convex rounded back doesn’t work well for another reason: the phone doesn’t resist movement when resting on flat surfaces as would a flat-back device. With 3G / 3GS you can easily spin / move your phone when trying to unlock it if it is lying on a smooth surface (a desk) if you didn’t have both hands free to hold it in place while swiping. I’m sure this was the main reason they ended up abandoning the ergonomically somewhat more comfortable convex back.

        2. Didn’t polls show that most people want more battery in the phone?

          One can’t use an iPhone 6 or 6+ as a level on its back without a case thanks to the stupid camera bezel. So when I use my 6 as a level, I hold it on its edge, I don’t just set it down.

          The iPhone designers probably spent no time whatsoever thinking about making a phone itself flat and stable for leveling chores. The vast majority of people slap the iPhone into a case anyway. It’s the case that can provide the wide stable flat geometry if that’s what you want.

          My request: could Apple PLEASE publish guidelines for Lightning Docks so that they are designed for use with and without cases? Seems like all the damn docks force you to take the phone out of the case.

    2. I agree! It was an ill-conceived idea to place it opposite the volume controls. Every time I try to take a screen shot, it recognized the volume push and I have to try again. They better change it in the next iteration.

  2. If the phone looks the same or very similar thats not going to help Apple’s stock much. People want to show their friends they have the latest and greatest gadget. Apple needs a real catalyst for iPhone sales if they want to reignite growth.

  3. If the camera bump goes away it’s because they’ve found a way to make the camera thinner, not because they’ve decided to thicken the phone up to match the camera.

    Current sleep / wake placement doesn’t bother me. I’ve never accidentally hit the volume button (you’re clearly holding it wrong!). But also wouldn’t mind it sliding up the side a bit. Antenna lines don’t bother me either, I just want the design to evolve in a way that allows for water proofing.

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