Google is suffering from a raging case of Apple iPhone envy

“Google CEO Sundar Pichai and his lieutenants have signaled to colleagues and outsiders that the company wants to take greater control over its program for making ‘Nexus’ smartphones, which are powered by Google’s Android software,” Amir Efrati reports for The Information.

“The change would effectively reduce the level of involvement of hardware partners that make the phones with Google, a group which has included Samsung, Motorola, LG and Huawei,” Efrati reports. “The move would be the latest step by Google to make Nexus phones more like the iPhone, which is controlled by Apple top to bottom, and strengthen Android’s brand overall in order to capture more share at the high end of the market that Apple dominates.”

Efrati reports, “Google doesn’t want its revenue-generating services for high-end smartphones to be at the mercy of Apple like they are now.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good luck with that, Google.

How’d that Motorola acquisition work out for you?

Android is an inferior, unprofitable, insecure knockoff peddled to cheapskate tech illiterates who do not value their privacy and/or who are so blind as to be unable to recognize a half-assed fake from the revolutionary original.

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:
Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

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  1. Google is jealous that they didn’t think of the smartphone first, and that they had to rip-off Blackberry to kickstart the whole Android thing off. I actually remember some Blackberry style Android phones a few years back, but as always, they weren’t as good as the iPhone or even the Blackberry they were trying to rip off.

    1. how old are you? Schmidt may be a jerk, but it’s Cook who seems proud of what he sticks up his ass.

      why again did Cook renew the google search contract on the iPhone?

  2. It’s like this: Apple is like the Native Americans and the iPhone is America. Google is Christopher Columbus, and. Android is all of the Europeans who came over and stole all of the land from the Natives. Google is just as immoral as Christopher Columbus the day he set foot here in 1492.

    1. So are you saying that Apple should open casinos, sell cigarettes and fireworks, and abandon their formerly self-sufficient heritage to live in mobile homes built by the white men who brutally stole their turf?

      Sadly, the analogy isn’t too far off. After all, Timmy keeps Google Search on iOS devices. Why keep dealing with the enemy? Is he short of cash or something? Or is Timmy drunk on rotgut whiskey sold at the Mountain View General Store?

    2. To continue your terrible and not insightful metaphor: it’s like Android is spreading to Apple smallpox, tuberculosis, cholera, measles, diphtheria, typhoid, scarlet fever, and alcoholism, while Apple is spreading to Android syphilis and tobacco smoking.

      1. Even syphilis is a myth it was common in Europe as early as the 13th century as ironically (or not) the examination of Monastery grave sites has shown from examination of their bones. It was purely a ‘marketing campaign’ to demonise the native populations of the Americas as a dangerous, unhealthy risk to European moral ‘sainthood’ and a good excuse to eliminate them as and where necessary.

        1. The first recorded case of syphilis was in 1492 in Italy. It’s certainly possible it existed unrecognized in pre-Columbian Europe, but there’s not much hard evidence of it. The timeline certainly lines up with this very virulent disease arriving from the New World.

          This would also be the only victory the first Americans had in a very one sided germ war – don’t take that away from them!

    3. Eh CC never actually set foot in America just parts of the West Indies. Equally various Europeans, as now well known had been on the American continent well before his compatriots did. Its just that they didn’t choose to mine for gold which not surprisingly attracted all the attention.

  3. This is what Google should have done from the start. But nooooo! They wanted ‘open’ as in:
    1) No standard hardware
    2) Impossibility of Android updates across the hardware spectrum
    3) No formal control over software offerings
    4) Howdy hackers and malware rats! Come on in. The door’s wide open, in fact we tore it off the hinges and only have a few boards we can nail over the opening to try to keep you out.

    So indeed. Good luck with that Google. Be happy you have decent control over Nexus hardware. Android chaos is here to stay.

    1. Google’s delusion, like so many others, was that the Windows/Mac relationship applied to the iPhone, that they could beat the iPhone the same way that Windows “beat” the Mac, by offering “good enough” cheaper options from multiple manufacturers. Didn’t quite work out that way.


      1. It’s quite a delusion if Google actually ended up making it impossible to roll out a universal OS update. They were drawn by the siren song of making Android TOO ‘open’ to the point where it is significantly changed by each manufacturer, creating no single Android OS. Seriously, what an outrageously stupid act!

        The sort of assumption this week is that, because Google is demanding hardware control of the Nexus, they want to inevitably demand the same from all other manufactures to the point of allowing universal updates. That’s not what I’d assume at all. But if that does come to pass, it would be a profoundly intelligent move by Google. I’ll believe it when I see it.

        Until then, the incredible security nightmare that is fragmandroid. Three significant security exploits in January. What will February bring?

  4. I think the challenge for Apple is to innovate into easily understood life changers. You see, most of the world uses Android. That lets you know their cognitive capacity. But why aren’t iPhone users from 5S up buying Apple Watches yet? Two reasons: not necessarily early adopters and Apple hasn’t proven it will change your life for the better. So the ball is in Apple’s court. Google makes nice little entertaining life changes that are free. Apple makes fundamental life changes and they aren’t cheap. It will take longer than we thought but the world’s most profitable company WILL win.

  5. What a shame that Apple didn’t get around a lot sooner (even at all) to sorting out search and mobile advertising years ago. They would now have more than a stranglehold on Google mobile profit that is as yet difficult to actually break however Google itself would be in serious profit generation difficulties as a business.

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