Apple plans to offer subscription content through Apple News app

“Apple Inc is working to make subscription content available through its News app, giving publishers with paywalls a new way to control who sees their articles, two sources familiar with the matter said,” Jessica Toonkel and Julia Love report for Reuters.

“The move would differentiate Apple News from Facebook’s Instant Articles news offering, which does not offer subscriber-only content, and would likely give Apple a boost as it seeks to distinguish itself from a growing crowd of online news apps,” Toonkel and Love report. “By making paid content available through its News app, Apple would give publishers a way to maintain relationships with readers and perhaps attract new subscribers. It is unclear how Apple would authenticate subscribers or if it would take a cut of payments from readers who become subscribers through the app.”

“Subscriber-only publications that work with Apple News now can either share their articles for free or just share excerpts of articles and direct readers to log on to their own websites for more,” Toonkel and Love report. “Apple said in October that nearly 40 million people were reading Apple News, and the company has worked with more than 100 publishers as of this month.”

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  1. I don’t at all. I read a number of conservative, libertarian and other “crimethink” sites that aren’t represented on Apple News. I would assume that comparable sites from the left side of spectrum are also excluded. The internet works just fine for me to obtain information, I don’t need it filtered through a corporate, Mass Media lens.

    1. FYI, a lot of sites are already compatible with Apple News, just add a new news source and you can have whatever world view suits you. I like the convenience of seeing the latest stories across all my fave sites in one place.

  2. I have been finding that a particular website I frequent which happens to be a popular news aggregator has become ridden with ads that redirect my clicks and make things impossible to read, at times.

    Could it be Apple is trying to kill Drudge?

    1. Apple actually did try to kill Drudge back in 2000 with a service called “iReview”.

      iReview gave Apple’s review of other websites, and it gave a particularly scathing review of Drudge Report.

      I haven’t found the old review yet, but does have a page from iReview where the Drudge Report was listed –

      It’s easy to assume that Steve Jobs dictated that review. But it was also Jobs who demanded to Clinton that he had to disclose the Lewinsky scandal, during their phone conversation.

      Meanwhile, Steve Case saved Drudge for a while by hosting Drudge on AOL for a while.

      Apple shut down iReview in 2001, and now Drudge has an app on the iOS App Store.

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