Apple ‘iPhone 5se’ compared to an iPhone 5 in leaked image

“Apple’s 4-inch smartphone revamp in the form of the iPhone 5se is getting more attention than ever before,” tech2 News reports. “After released the first images of the 4-inch Apple iPhone, another website [] has leaked out another image of the same phone, but this time placing it alongside an iPhone 5.”

“The image for the first time shows off how similar the iPhone 5se is to iPhone 5/5s models,” tech2 News reports. “While images had leaked out in the past, the source claims that the smartphone you see in the image [belowe] is actually a prototype.”

“According to a source that tipped 9to5Mac, the upcoming 4-inch iPhone will not be called the iPhone 7c, iPhone 6c or the iPhone 5e, but the iPhone 5se,” tech2 News reports. “In fact the same source also reports that new iPhone is coming March.”

Apple iPhone 5 (left) vs. iPhone 5se (photo:
Apple iPhone 5 (left) vs. iPhone 5se (photo:

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MacDailyNews Take: This “iPhone 5se,” as described (lacking 3D Touch, for example), lacks allure.

Apple is capable of producing a 4-inch iPhone that is modern in every respect, offering complete feature parity with iPhone 6s. So, why is Apple afraid to offer such a device?

Here’s to the following models, all with the exact same specs/feature sets) and their respective model names come September:
• 5.5-inch iPhone (2016)
• 4.7-inch iPhone (2016)
• 4-inch iPhone (2016)

Simple. Like Steve would’ve done by now.

In December, we ran a poll asking: “Want a 4-inch iPhone? What’s the LEAST it’d take for you to buy one?”

A whopping 84% wanted the same features and specs as current-gen iPhones.

The full results (576 votes):
• 67.88%: Only if it offered the same materials, features, and specs as current-gen iPhones
• 16.15%: In a polycarbonate case, but with the same features and specs as current-gen iPhones
• 12.5%: Whatever, I don’t care, as long as it’s got a 4-inch screen
• 3.47%: In a polycarbonate case with “last year’s” iPhone features and specs

Apple readies 4-inch ’iPhone 5se’ for spring release with Apple A8 SoC, curved edges – January 22, 2016


  1. The e is probably for emerging, as in emerging markets. If that’s the case then the iPhone doesn’t need all the high-end features including touch ID because features are less likely to actually use in emerging markets.

    1. Agree. While I like the size of my 5s, but want the better specs of a 6 or 6s, I think that I (and others in the more developed countries) am just a very MINOR factor in Apple’s plan to better reach the masses in China, India and elsewhere who do not “need” or cannot use some of the latest features of the 6 and 6s. Apples wants to, and can, get a lot more people in the ecosystem, at a lower price with fewer high-end specs. The bottom line, and volume sales are driving the 5se.

  2. Get off Steve’s dick already.

    “like Steve would’ve done”

    Are you joking? Steve didn’t make a smaller iPad. Steve didn’t make larger iPhones. Whatever.

      1. Too bad, jß, because LGBT equality is slowly becoming a reality whether you like it or not. I happen to disagree with your belief structure, but I don’t try to legislate you into a disadvantaged status. I am sure that you do a fine job of that on your own.

        1. You took it out of context. I meant that “like Steve would’ve done” doesn’t mean the author was going down on him.
          LGBT has been a reality since the dawn of time.
          Where the F have you been?
          Maybe you should go and love yourself, Gibson!

    1. Steven personally approved iPad mini, it was started when he was alive. This is because iPad mini is almost 40% bigger device comparing to 7″ 16:9 devices he was against. Notice that Apple still did not release such device, and others migrated to bigger devices, too.

  3. These naming conventions are really worrying me (if this is true anyway). Such things tend to reveal a rather more important lack of focus in my experience that might slip into rather more important areas. It harks back to Apple at its worst when they produced the same computer but called Quadra and Performer and a third I can’t even remember claiming that they were focused on different markets. But when you start using ever increasing letter/number codes you really are giving the impression you are unimaginative and even desperate.

  4. iPhone 5se seems fine to me. The name is one of the least important aspects for me. I want updated components and features in a small form factor above all. The iPhone 6 is just too large for some of us, and ruins the user experience for people who like to use their phones with one hand most of the time. As long as Apple delivers most of the features of the iPhone 6 in a smaller package, I’ll probably purchase this new phone to replace my aging iPhone 5.

  5. Given the current iPhone naming system (iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus), I would expect a new 4″ iPhone to be the iPhone 7 mini (because iPhone 7 Minus does not sound good).

    iPhone 7 Plus
    iPhone 7
    iPhone 7 mini

    That is about as good as anything and better than “5se,” IMO.

  6. If you think Apple doesn’t have a history of deliberately holding back on features on the lowest rungs of its product lines to try and push people to the premium models, you’ve got very short memories. Memory costs peanuts. So why is the 16GB iPhone still the default? To push you to the higher models. Why does the Apple Watch Sport only come with sporty straps? Because ‘Sport’ doesn’t mean ‘Sport’, it means ‘cheapest’, so if you want one off the shelf with a leather or metal strap, you buy the more expensive model. The same applies all across the lines.

    So no 3D touch or feature parity for the 5se so you’re tempted to buy the bigger one. And Steve would have done *exactly* the same thing.

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